Blue Space Station Found Near Orion constellation, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 2019
Location of discovery: Orion Constellation

I have been using this map program a few years now and have kept loads of things I have found in a file, this object being one of them. This giant blue crystal-like space station is out there near the Orion Constellation near the back foot. In the video I thought it was the head are, my bad. 

Clearly aliens can build a space station any way they want and this one seems to have a very artistic appearance to it. If your species is so advanced that their technology is millions of years ahead of our own, then they wont need planets any longer. They literally can chose to create their own planet size space stations and move from place to place in the universe. I would love to meet this species. It looks like a very creative species. 

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Scott C. Waring-Taiwan