Youtube and Google Misusing User Data To Hide UFO researchers Discoveries! UFO Sighting News.

Hello everyone. I found this UFO back in 2010 and made a video that got 1.4 million views on it. So I wanted to show the public that they can still see it. Most people don't know how to see the old photos on Google map, so here I show you how to see the 33 meter UFO.  Google owns Youtube and they both have changed their publicity algorithms...a mathematical AI code that finds anything with fake news keywords...like the words UFO sighting, or aliens and labels them as fake news, then hiding them from the public. This is Google working with the US government to cover up any UFO or alien evidence and hide it from the public. I promise you...at the end of the week I will only have about 5,000 views on this video. The UFO is real, its still there, and I teach you how to find it in this video. 

Its not Facebook the public should be worried about. Its Google and Youtube. They should be investigated by the FTC antitrust investigators for using Youtube channels data in illegal ways and uses that Youtube users do not agree too. We need the Federal Trade Commission to officially investigating Youtube and Google for potential violations of US antitrust law. By using the users data to regulate what the viewers see and don't see, Youtube is breaking its companies privacy policy deciding what a third party (viewers) are allowed to see and not see. Congress needs to investigate into why Youtube is attacking UFO researchers in such an unfair, segregated and bullying way. I will tweet to the house judicial committee about it. Perhaps they know something about this?

Scott C. Waring