Fungus like animal Found Living On Mars Surface, UFO Sighting News.

Original real color above, NASA False color below.

Date of discovery: Feb 26, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars
Photo Source: http://gigapan.com/gigapans/184854

I found this strange object when I was looking at some gigapan photos of Mars. The strange object has a color that doest match anything around it. No to mention its strange porcupine like shape. From the thickness of its parts and the size I would guess that this is some kind of living creature...like a ground hog pushed back into the crevice of this structure. Its clearly living from the shape of it. I just don't believe a deposit of copper or gold might appear like this...especially because metals have a more reflective surface. I can even see what looks like a rodent head, black nose and little ears. This looks like an animal. 

Its hard to believe that NASA could keep such life forms a secret, but then again...Mars is 225km from earth...so its makes it hard to get hard poof...but thankfully we have photographic evidence.
Scott C. Waring