Off Topic: World Famous Artist Banksy Secretively Told The World Who He Really Is, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Hey everyone. This is a weird post today. I got an eye for detail as you may know already. I was looking at a Banksy print and noticed that one painting actually revels the true identity of Banksy himself.  Banksy is a famous graffiti artist in the UK known for being a guy who hides his identity. 

Now Robert Del Naja is a member of the music group Massive Attack and has long since been suspected of being Banksy. I even found a photo of Robert inside the Banksy Walled Off Hotel which is in Palestine. 

Well, Robert Del Naja also makes graffiti art, and he signs all his art 3D. This piece of art showing a rat with 3D glasses gives him away...and shows how he tried to tell the world who he really is. 

Also to top it off, Robert Del Naja signs his art 3D, but that signature looks eerily similar to the Ba in Banksy. Same writing, same strokes. A clear sign that Robert Del Naja tries so hard to tell the world who he really is, but the world just didn't see it. Takes a keen eye to notice these details. Thats one thing I got. 
Scott C. Waring