5km Structure On Mercury With 2.5km Tall Doorway. Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 2020
Location of discovery: Mercury 
Coordinates: https://messenger.quickmap.io/?extent=2.7201611,-15.0738168,5.2622028,-13.6962945&proj=5&layers=NrCMBYCYBoAZtA6JIE5YGYn0QOwK4A2h0A3gL4C6lZVy4GWOSIGoArONkgcbdf0pA

This is an interesting structure on Mercury. The building is about 5km across according to the rule of the map. Also it has a huge rectangle doorway. The door is probably for ships to enter and exit. Life could not exist on the surface exposed to space unless there were buildings on the surface, however life could exist under the ground in cities built to house tens of thousands. That door is 1.5km across by 2.5km tall. 
Scott C. Waring