UFO Sighting News: Glowing Lights Over Jersey City, New Jersey 11-5-2020, MUFON.

Date of sighting: 11-5-2020 
Location of sighting: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 
Source: MUFON 114047 

This eyewitness was lounging on the roof when she noticed some glowing lights over a building in the distance. There were four lightings glowing over the building. The UFOs were probably checking out the activities of the people in the buildings and their current health levels. This way the UFOs don't need to come lower, but instead only need to got to the top of the building. 
Scott C. Waring 

Eyewitness states: Hanging out in my complex we have an area that faces New York City. I always see them because the sky is open and they’re very obvious. That day it was strange because there were 4 just hovering together as though they were having a meeting. They were there for a very long time but seemed as though no one even noticed. I wanted to film it until they separated to see what would happen but they were there for too long, then out of no where they were all gone.

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