UFO Over Charlottesville, Virginia On 4-6-2021, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 4-6-2021
Location of sighting: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Source: MUFON 114606 

The eyewitness noticed a bright light moving across the sky. This video footage is only 1 min however in that minute the craft moves across the sky. This is not a satellite, rocket, plane, helicopter, venus or weather balloon. I know people try to justify UFOs being other things than what they are...UFOs. Often people who see them are frightened by the reality of it being a UFO and they will go into a denial stage...it's an emotional wall of protection from the reality that is frightening them. You call them debunkers...I call them frightened children who cant face reality. This is 100% a UFO. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: I was walking my dog in the park as I noticed my dog look up toward me and for some reason I also looked up and noticed the bright roundish shaped object in the video I took. I heard absolutely nothing at all. This area does see it's fair share of military helicopters, osprey, coast guard, and E2 Greyhounds - my father flew c-130's and I've also seen them here as well...and all of them are loud. Sound here travels really far especially at night which is also part of what drew my attention. The video was taken after I confirmed on a flight radar app on my phone that it was not a commercial aircraft - and this app sometimes shows military without call signs - that wasn't present at all so I turned on the camera to film. I checked satellites when I got home and didn't see any with a western trajectory - not to say they don't exist...but this thing wasn't moving satellite fast - it was moving more like a a commercial airliner....but clearly wasn't. My eye didn't detect the flashing you can see in the video - it was definitively *not* flashing to the naked eye as it is in the video.


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