Entrance To Ancient Pitt Causes Drone To Lose Control And Camera Stop! UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Sept 12, 2020
Location of Hole: Barhout Well in Mahra, Yemen

This ancient hole is said to have existed for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. The eyewitness who recorded the video calls the Jin...evil spirits that punish those who come too close.  Some aliens species are that way, emotionless so they act as if they don't care, but act on intelligence and logic. 

The eyewitness flew an expensive drone camera into the mouth of the pitt and suddenly began to lose control of the craft. He said the drone began swaying back and forth and the controls were becoming weaker and weaker as it went further down. Out of fear of losing the craft all together they pull up...however the camera on the drone froze...giving just a few seconds of video of the bottom. But even after he finished the video, still the camera was on the fritz unable to work. Alien technology often causes our technology to crash and die. For instance a UFO over a car or house might shut it down, turn off the radio or turn off the lights in your house. Alien tech interfered with the drones radio waves and camera causing it to malfunction. 

Then he took a microphone and began to lower it into the edge of the pit so that we could hear what he heard come from it. Sounds of water trickling, flowing and birds were evident, but then a crying sound every few seconds and a loud growling also came once in a while. He said the pit often had a bad putrid smell to it, which is a sign demons were within it. Thats also a sign of methane gas...which often comes from living things...like an alien base deep below the ground. I believe that over the last few thousand years, aliens and UFOs have used this hole to exit and enter an underground alien base about 5-6km below the surface. Also, so aliens live in an atmosphere of gasses that would smell putrid to us, but perfect for them. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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