Alien Face Found On Mars That Resembles Shrek! NASA Source, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: November 3, 2021
Location of discovery: Mars 

I found a small face on Mars near the NASA rover. The photos were taken today and show a small fossil face with some bone fragments not far from it. The face is more like from the movie Shrek, big rounded, troll like. Its clearly has a lot of human features. Its eye ridges are massive and its nose several times our own. Its upper lip is extending farther than its lower lip. Its cheeks long, its ear behind the eye ridge. It even appears to have a muscle wrinkle at the mouth edge...a smile line from so much smiling perhaps. 

I believe this to be an alien fossil. The detail and the uniqueness make it highly unlikely that its a sculpture. The detail is just too good. Also there are thick bone fragments not far from the head. Why is the face so well preserved? Well, if an alien species has more than 3 strands of DNA, it would actually harden the skin, muscles, bones...making them more compact, more difficult to break down in the environment  The more strands of DNA the species has, the less it will break down. The face is only about 2 inches or 4cm across. Very small, yet only 1/2 meter from the rover itself...and NASA ignored it. 

100% proof that NASA is not doing their job on Mars with the Rovers! NASA has no intention of telling the public the truth. If they did, it would create a race to get there by other countries, to find ancient technology left behind. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

NASA put the photos into false color, which hides detail, so I put it back into normal color mode. 

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