20km Spacecraft On Planet Ceres Map, Photos, UFO sighting News.


Date of discovery: Dec 16, 2021
Location of discovery: Planet Ceres
Photo Source: http://stevealbers.net/albers/sos/asteroids/ceres_rgb_cyl.png

I was looking over a map of Ceres, not a dwarf at all as some confused and inept scientists believe. This planet has signs of advanced technology on its surface in its northern polar region. The object I found is a landed spacecraft. Its distinct white color makes it stand out from its grey and black surroundings. The spacecraft is huge, about 20km long from nose to tail. That would be capable of holding a small city within it. Now technology like that normally would not just be laying around, except aliens often dump old ships on the moons and planets nearby so that they can reuse or recycle old parts of the craft for later. I have found spaceships on earth moon, Mars, and even under earths oceans. Now why doesn't' the US gov tell the public? Because, do you think the gov wants competition at getting to this and other abandoned alien ships and cities? No, they don't. Sometimes not telling others, leaves all the spoils for you. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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