White Sphere Over Fort Worth, Texas On 10-7-202, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: 10-7-2021
Location of sighting: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Source: MUFON
The first half of the video I made a close up so you can see it better, the second half is 100% original. The object is a round white sphere. Its easy to see its not Venus because Venus always appears to be a white glow, not a sphere. This object is flying very low and close to the eyewitnesses. White spheres are the most common type of UFOs seen which makes them harder to deny, when the research back up their existence. The UFO is watching them as they watch it. Each...learning about the other in their own ways. 100% proof of UFOs over Texas!
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: A couple months ago near Fort Worth, I filmed a strange bright object in the sky. It sat stationary for some time, then moved off slowly. It appeared as a bright white circular object. It was not a planet or star. I decided to wrote you when I saw the exact same object (this time a pair) in video filmed over Kansas City. The film was on the show paranormal caught on tape. The objects are identical in appearance and behavior to what I filmed.

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