40 Meter Disk Found In Antarctica, Google Earth Map! UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Dec 18, 2021
Location of discovery: South Polar region, Antartica
Google coordinates: 74°35'37.57"S 164°54'28.90"E

Guys, I found this today and its just blowing my mind! Its in Antartica and its about 40 meters across sitting in an area the looks like a heart. I think this is the big one guys, the real deal. I imagine that soon after I release this video, some government somewhere will go and retrieve it.  Wow, and its in a heart shaped break in the ice, which really makes me wonder, did they do that on purpose for the fun of it? Or did the disk cause the shape in the ice when it landed in this area? Sure its the perfect hiding place for an alien ship, because no-one will ever see it hidden out there in Antarctica. No-one will ever wander past it or hike near it or even sail near it. Its just the perfect location for a UFO to hide. I really wonder, which government is going to get their hands on this baby first? 100% proof that aliens exist and are on Earth right now.  So...the treasure hunt begins. Winner gets all. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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