Date of sighting: August 2015
Location of sighting: New York, New York, USA

Some aliens have the ability to use telepathic powers to move and shape things, like smoke, clouds, or masses of small things like birds. Sometimes they just think about something and it influences the objects near them to take the shape of their thoughts. They often communicate this way and their telepathic ability is easy for the simple minded birds to intercept and momentarily become part of. Someone was thinking of Putin in the area when the birds got caught in the telepathic thoughts. 

Which brings me to...is Putin himself being influenced by aliens to comment these atrocities? I guess we will never know...but aliens influencing and helping cruel and evil dictators...thats something that has happened since Hitler. Did you know Putin ordered the killing of the plane which held the President of Poland and his full staff and military generals aboard in 2010? Just 12 hours before the plane explosion...I saw Putin on CNN International. He said, "Poland must remove those missiles. If you don't I will destroy you all!" He said in a growling voice...hitting his fists on the podium. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

2015 News states: A video showing the "strange behavior" of birds in New York is going viral after a Russian news station spotted the shape of Vladimir Putin's face in the flock. The video, posted to YouTube by Sheryl Gilbert, purports to show the "strange behavior of birds" flying in a flock near the Brooklyn Bridge. The video went viral in Russia after news station Zvezda aired the footage and reporters said a shape seen in a close-up of the birds appears to be the face of President Vladimir Putin.

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