Boy In North Carolina Has First Contact With Alien Entity, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Unknown
Location of sighting: North Carolina, USA

Ryan Bledsoe said that he and his family have been seeing alien beings he calls shadow entities around his property and properties of his family members. One tweet of the shadow entity was actually retweeted by Tom Delonge, a famous musician from Blink-182 turned UFO researcher. Such entities do exist, because aliens want to leave the underground bases and walk among us, be as we are, accepted as they accept us. But they have rules to follow, laws of sorts and they cannot just come out without consequences if they are caught by their own species. 

But...there are also alien species who...somehow, some way look just like us and work along side us. I (Scott Waring) once met an alien entity at a museum here in Taiwan. I was in the cafeteria with my family, sat at a table, felt an aura unlike anything I had ever felt before. An aura of comfort...of warmth, friendship. I had been practicing telepathy communication for a few weeks and was doing so when I was walking around the museum since we were all silently observing the art, it made the perfect moment to use it. I felt somethings so I called out and asked the person to come to me...reveal himself. I said in my mind, "I promise not to ask any alien questions if you reveal yourself, I would just like confirmation you exist, please do so by coming to me asking me something totally strange, and I will know its you." Less than a minute passed before a Taiwanese man about 30 years old walked up to me asking me, "Hi, I got an odd question, I can't get back on the bus to go home because I don't have the money, any way you can help me out by giving me about 20NT (about 75 cents US) and I said sure. I asked him where he is from, his english was perfect. He said he lives and works in the tech field in Silicon Valley, California. I was stunned, I made a promise...and could not ask an alien question, I was bound by it. I hesitated with my mouth wide open in astonishment. I said "Awesome! So cool, working in tech. Tech changes the whole world. Nice meeting you." And he thanked me again and left. Telepathy works, anyone can do it with practice, but...a one on one meeting...is the rarest event in the world. And yet, it happened to me back in 2010, in front of my whole family at the table. Oh...and people in Asian never do that! Never walking up to strangers asking a favor...it was no accident, it was a first contact. No pictures, no video as I promised to keep it low key. I kept that promise, but do have to share it with others here.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. You don't have Telepathy. Posting crazy stuff like that makes people not take you or anyone whose actually seen something seriously.

    1. And you literally don’t know what you’re talking about. Posting stuff like this makes you look completely stupid and also a coward.


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