UFO Fleet Over California, Similar To 1942 Battle Of Los Angeles UFOs! VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 30, 2022
Location of discovery: California, USA
Source: Google Earth Map find them using my video. 

The UFOs  I found are semi transparent which means they are cloaked, but for some reason the satellite took a photo of them and they were now visible. The UFOs are over the outer Los Angeles area and they are moving in a line formation, similar to what US Air Force fighter jet pilots do. Los Angeles is also famous for a similar sighting back in 1942, often referred to as the Battle of Los Angeles. Where a fleet of oval metallic craft flew over LA from the Ocean. America was ready and they opened fire on them thinking they were Japanese craft since it was WWII. The light beams set on the UFOs, and then they opened fire with anti aircraft artillery...most of them hit the craft, but the UFOs never changed speed, never stopped and never showed signs of damage. 

The UFOs I show you today...are the same type of UFOs measuring 50 meters across according to Google Map ruler. They are blurry and transparent. They are flying low over the area...scanning the homes and the people to learn more. This is 100% Proof that UFOs exist and its directly linked to the Battle of Los Angeles. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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