Four Mysterious Objects On Google Sky, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Cube: -27.725280° -100.816575° 
Fork: -12.777097° 48.448718° 
Rogue Moon: -12.842369° -102.117233° 
Green Orbs: 25.208859° -176.295993°

Now there are some interesting objects on Google Sky map. These four objects may or may not be explained away, however, I have never heard a reasonable explanation for any yet. These objects do exist in space, they are there, but are they alien and are they signs of intelligent life? I would have to say absolutely yes! The cube itself is huge and it confirms many sightings of the dark cube on NASA/SOHO sun images over the last ten years. The rogue moon is seen in great detail. Its understandable NASA wont talk about it...because to move an entire moon on a rogue trail through the solar system would require an alien propulsion system. Its a space station. As for the others anomalies, wormhole and green sphere, it seems all undeniable proof that aliens, intelligent or not, do exist out in space. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


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