Invisible Man Or Prankster In New York, Google Earth Map, UFO Sighting News.

Ok maybe this guy isn't an alien, but can you prove it? Gota find him to do so, take blood tests, DNA tests. However I feel this may be one hell of an awesome prankster. This guy somehow keeps walking in front of the Google Map car and got his photo taken without hands, feet or head! That should be impossible. One person who commented on my video said green screen! But thats impossible to run around with a green screen in New York. Also how did he turn into a white bird.  Even I have to admit when the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor or the paranormal or alien presence. But...how? How did he do it? This is just not possible. Maybe he's an digital artist who is a hacker? Or maybe a magician? Or...maybe he's not even human. Whatever he is...I'm in awe!
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. Hi Scott, I went to Google earth to look for your pictures of this and found something else. I took a picture to send to you but don’t see how to send it. At the bottom it says 40 42 25 N 73 58 23 W. Zoom in to the long dock. Some interesting things are there at Brooklyn Naval Yard.

  2. 40 42 25 N 73 58 23 W

  3. 40°41'55"N 73°58'18"W

    1. It is Claude Raines

    2. need to go down road further in multiple directions, there are birds and such. Obviously someone photoshopped the hell out of video. Some name of ninja in top left of screen. I imagine that he has something to so with it.


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