Found a fossil on the beach in Taiwan just like searching NASA photos for similar things. UFO Sighting News.


Hey all, I found this fossil when I went to a BNB along the southern east side of Taiwan. I was looking for fossils. Its something I enjoy doing in hopes of making a find worthy to give to the local museum. This interesting to me. Paleontology and archeology are to passions I have. This is a fossil of stringray teeth. Stringrays have about 5-8 rows of teeth. This particular fossil seems to be about 150-200,000,000 years old. I determined this from other fossils I have seen, held and studied. But this is the first stingray teeth I have found. I was actually intently searching for fossil shark teeth, but its rare in Taiwan. Never heard of anyone finding any, but so is this fossil of stingray teeth. Was going to take a video, but was too hot and two love birds landed on my shoulder for 25 minutes making this awkward. 

Searching for fossils is just like searching in NASA photos for similar ancient artifacts. The only difference is I'm not there in person doing it...which by the way...I would love doing. So...link the similarities...this is what I do. 

I see here in Taiwan that people are worried about China invading. Chinese war ships and jets are having a military exercise, but Taiwanese think its a possible invasion in progress...due to US Nancy Pelosi visiting us in Taiwan. Not sure what will happen if China invades, but I will do my best to keep updating you on this situations if they do. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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  1. Looks more like an Ancient neck Pendent. Has a hole for string to go through? Nice find.


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