Caught U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi Plane Landing, Taipei, Taiwan, Video, Aug 2, 2022 World News.


Hey all, I was on the running track tonight at about 10:40 pm and recorded U.S. Air Force plane that may include House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After seeing it, I checked and saw live news of it landing at that moment! This is her plane. Awesome news she came in safe and sound. Good for Taiwan and America. 

Also the fact that Nancy could use this in 2024 to help her get elected as president...seems possible. Or to help enforce a US president in 2024.

China wont take it sitting down. They will punish Taiwan in one form or another. Already the top 100 exporters in Taiwan were banned from sending to China. But I think Lanyu Island being closest to China will be taken over...even now as I type this, two huge China warships sit alongside it...threating its freedom.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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