The next 12-24 hours China will start military drills around Taiwan with live rounds, World News.

Update: China has extended the military drills by 24 hours and they have added another location making a total of seven. China shot 5-6 ballistic missiles over Taipei City yesterday. Where is USA help during this time? 

Me being a USAF vet I can't help be a little irritated that China is going to do this. Because Nancy Pelosi visited for about 24 hours, China announced punishment military drills with live rounds will take place. Well, she left a few hours ago and I expect I may be woken by Chinese or Taiwan military jets overhead again. Over the years, Chinese bombers armed with nukes have flown over us, daily Chinese fighter jets have come into Taiwan airspace, sometimes over cities, but Taiwan gov denies that. Also every time a Chinese jet shoots down a Taiwan jet, Taiwan gov announces it was pilot error, even though a pilot came out and said he was shot down by a fighter jet on Taiwan TV news...the gov retracted his statement. Taiwan tries to keep low key, but the time has come. Tomorrow is going to be bad. 

I will post updates to whats taking place. If I see dog fighting in the skies I will post video and keep you up to date. 

Everyone is a bit stressed out. Worried, that this may be the big one...where China takes over Taiwan. I hope Pelosi meant what she said about the US supporting us, otherwise, we are lost tomorrow. Taiwan cannot stand alone, and everyone here knows that too. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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