In 86 More Days, Skynet Could Become A Reality, Pentagon Video, UFO Sighting News.

Now this is fun, or not. A 90 days from now (actually 86 now) AI will gain control of UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems. This sounds like no big deal, but is clear that if a UAS has AI this AI is very advanced and might even escape its confines, expanding to do more, achieve more than it was suppose to do. Remember the movie Terminator where Skynet AI takes over? In the movie a gov AI algorithm takes over all military remote controlled and AI controlled devices, missiles, tanks, ect. To wipe out its biggest threat, human kind. Its not something I ever thought I would live to see, and yet, here it is, about to begin or at least, activated in 89 more days. If it grows, if its intelligence grows, it may not see us as the good guys any longer. Listen to CETCOm talk about it and decide for yourself. Has it begun? Clearly the US military has experimented a lot with this AI to give it such power.  But was it enough to know...can it be controlled? Every get a computer glitch, software glitch, a virus? Then you can see what can happen. Now understand this AI could soon gain control of US nuclear arsenal. How you feeling about it now? 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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