Huge drop in UFO Reports Coming Into MUFON In Last 3 Months. UFO Sighting News.


Guys, this is really odd. I have noticed a huge drop in the last 3 months in UFO reports coming into MUFON. It use to be 30-50 per 24 hours, but now is closer to 3-12 per 24 hours. I am worried, because it began 3 months ago, when weather was warmer and people were outdoors more. Less sightings is concerning, because its like aliens have change game plans and getting us use to sightings little by little is being thrown out the window. As if they came to the conclusion that it wont work, so...the big question is...what is the new plan aliens have that replaced the old one? Below is a screenshot which normally would be full for the last 24 hours, however it not covered three full days. Also reports coming onto Youtube and Twitter have slowed down dramatically. Something is up, something is about to happen soon. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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