UFO at NASA space station April 15, 2023, UFO Sighting News. Video!


Date of sighting: April 15 2023
Location of sighting: NASA space station live cam

I saw this today and wanted to share it with you to get your thoughts on it. Its a glowing sphere which is odd to see when the sun in on the opposite side of the earth, so this UFO is giving off its own light. It reminds me of the temple Dome of Rock sighting, in Jerusalem back in 2011, many tried to debunk it, and all failed. So many possibilities exist, even if its determined to be aliens...it only brings us to more questions, like is it an alien entity often mistaken as an angel or demon? Is it an alien drone that records and transmits the data to the homeward, or is it an actual alien ship flown by an alien pilot watching, recording, and maybe even manipulating the future of humanity itself. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Dome of Rock UFO video below to compare and contrast. 

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