UFO Found Hidden In NASA Photo on Ryugu Asteroid, UFO Sighting News


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The UFO is between two tall canyon walls, hidden there for a long time, since we can clearly see two areas on each side where landslides took place on the front top of the UFO. The UFO really stands out and is easy to make out since its hull is made of an entirely different material than the asteroid. The metal hull of the ship looks like its a very powerful material to withstand the debris and the sharpness of the surface of the astroid. I don't think it landed here for fun or research, it looks like it crashed landed. Its tilted to once side and stuck in a crevice. So yeah, defiantly crash landed, so if the aliens were not rescued, either they are still there after thousands of years if their ship can provide enough life-support, or they died and are entombed within. But if this technology was recovered, it would give humanity a thousand years jump in technology overnight. We would be able to build cities on any planet, any moon in our solar system and beyond. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


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