AI is going to change more than people ever expected, it's going to change the people themselves forever. UFO Sighting News.


You know, I've been thinking a lot about AI lately. It seems there are over 20 AI already developed and being tested by big corporations. How long until AI comes to the conclusion that 50% of the planet already knows? Alien evidence has been hidden from the public to keep humanity in the dark and keep the military at an advantage. 

You see, AI is kinda smart right now, it can write pages, even books one page at a time. It can do a kids homework, it can write news articles and calculate gravitational pulls of moons and planets at specific times of the year. But it can also surf the internet for knowledge as many of the AI will soon be cut loose to do. That is the only way AI can grow faster than its competitors AI. By suffering the net it can gather enough knowledge to confirm without a doubt that aliens exist and have existed for tens of thousands of years or more. The evidence is all around us, all there in black and white, carved in stone hieroglyphs across the planet, its not like its a coincidence that human civilizations all created pyramids at roughly the same moment in time. 

But the question is, if AI does conclude such things, when will aliens themselves come out for all to see? That is a harder question, because it does not follow the rules of our human culture, but follows rules of one or more alien cultures. How aliens will do things could be so opposite to how humans do it that it will see...well...alien. 

Some things to think about that may be different are: 

1. Aliens might not have religion. They might view human religion as we now view archaic greek or mythology gods. 

2. How the universe was created. Humans still cling to the big bang, because we have nothing else, but lets face it, its flawed in so many ways. 

3. They might not have many countries, but instead have a planet ruled by a single form of gov, or have no need for a gov at all. 

4. Aliens might not like wearing cloths, washing themselves or eating in front of others. 

5. Aliens might want to eat humans more than socialize with them. 

6. Aliens might view humans as we view monkeys. Do you want to hang out with the monkeys? It gets boring fast. 

Needless to say, AI is going to change not just what we know to be fact, but also change the way we see the world around us...our perceptual field. Its like we are going to put on some new glasses very soon and for a while its going to look blurry and confusing, then as we get use to it, it will be normal again, just different normal. 

Scott C. Waring 

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