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UFO Sighting in Almaty, Kazakhstan of gray metal disk over building, May 2011, video.

Date of sighting: May 2, 2011
Location of sighting: Almaty, Kazakhstan

The UFO footage below comes from Kazakhstan and was filmed less than a week ago in the vicinity of the nation's largest city Almaty. This UFO sighting is significant in that the object was seen by at least five witnesses and filmed on at least five mobile phones as well.

The witness provided the following testimony: "I was in the area at 3pm, returning home from a relatives house. I saw the UFO and immediately started filming. Five, or perhaps six passers-by also began to film. I found it difficult to avoid shakiness. I believe the object had a diameter of five meters and hung in the air for around two minutes of which I filmed one minute, being distracted by a girl who asked me what it was. When I turned back to the object it was high up already and then disappeared."

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan on the very same day, in the city of Astana a number of residents also filmed a UFO: a slow flying orb shooting out rays, while in Pavlodar multiple UFOs were seen hovering above the town square by multiple shocked witnesses.

This intense alien activity in the region has led many to believe that ETs attached to a secret UFO base beneath the Black Sea are stepping up their activity in preparation for open contact with humanity.

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