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Let's Talk Apollo 20 Mission, William Rutledge And Delporte Crater Cigar Ship, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: 2009-2011 for me but William 1970s
Location of discovery: Delporte Crater, Earths moon

I was asked by a Youtube subscriber to think about the Apollo 20 and possibly make a video about it. So I did. It was a long time ago when I chatted with William Rutledge the astronaut that was part of the crew of the Apollo 20 mission. He was about 77 years old, living in Rewanda because he met a beautiful black woman and married here, but she died before him so he stayed in Rewanda as far as I know. When we chatted he kept saying that it may be dangerous posting his videos on YouTube...and he was right. His account was hacked and he got frightened...what 77 year old wouldn't right? Anyways he told me that the woman pilot they recoved from the long cigar ship in Delporte crater was taken back to the module, cleaned up and taken back to a military base on Earth. He said she is not dead, not alive...but in a coma or hibernation state even today. He said there were glass tunnels as big as his arm running up and down the sides of the cigar ship and inside they saw many tiny skeletons of a 2-3cm tall bipedal species. Hundreds he said. But the walkways were mainly made for taller species like humans. The woman pilot was connected to the ship when they found her, two hoses going from the controls into her nostrils...they cut those and took her away. They also saw some yellow rocks that seemed to make a liquid substance dripping slowly from them. He said like a living rock. He also mentioned that they found an even bigger triangle craft near the cigar ship. It had an opening in its outer hull as if someone had already broken into it to search for salvageable technology. Sadly, I have never heard from him or about him since 10-12 years ago. I think he put his best effort forward to get the evidence out and said the hell with it. He did say he got the movie reels from garbage bins near an airfield hanger. Him and another guy asked the security guard there if they could take some...the security guard didn't care, it was all going to be burned. So they took them, William had a few converted from reels to normal video so he could post them on Youtube. Thats it...many people lie and say its been debunked...but they never chatted with him like I did, they never even knew him when he was on Youtube back then. They judge without knowing the full truth. Apollo 20 was 100% real. It was a mission to recover alien technology in order to bring it home and keep American a world power. It worked. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Let me show you how I find Mars artefacts and chat. Oct 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 6, 2018
Location of discovery: Mars

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a video post about how I find these object and chat about Mars, Apollo 20, aliens and such. So I made this 20 min video that will let you see the world through my eyes on a Mars photo that I have never looked at before. No preparation, no scanning over the photo before I made the video. Just you and me fresh and new checking out a photo and chatting. 
Scott C. Waring


Apollo 20 Cigar UFO Found On Google Earth Map In Delporte Crater, Moon, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 1970s
Location of discovery: Delporte Crater, Earths moon
Google coordinates:  18°39'5.09"S 117°36'19.46"E

The Delporte crater UFO was found on Google Earth. Now I have found better photos at NASA and closer of the craft (click here to see the original Apollo 20 post), but to find the location of Google Earth is just Amazing and new to me. Is the ship 3,300+ meters? Hell yeah. Google Ruler has it at 3,600 so you bet. Was William Rutledge and his videos he released of the alien pilot and the ship real? The most real videos of any alien or alien tech on Earth...yes, yes, yes! The CIA may have deleted his original videos, and discourage him from trying to expose the truth, but I did download a lot of his videos and repost them, which allowed hundreds of others to download them and spread them across the net. The truth is unstoppable. 

Click here to hear about Delporte from Wikipedia. 

Strangely Google has taken away the inner zoom level of the photo, which means we can no longer zoom in closely to the surface. That zoom has been deleted...maybe they saw this video and took it away because it was exposing alien tech on the moons surface. 

I use to chat with the astronaut who said he was one of the chosen few to man the Apollo 20 mission. The missions enter the cigar UFO crashed in Delporte crater and retrieve any alien tech possible. They did, but they found a door already cut into the hull of the craft, so it was ransacked before they even got there. His name was William Rudtledge and he was a USAF vet retired in Rwanda...his wife's home. He was already in his late 70...I'm guessing 78 when he first downloaded some videos of the mission on Youtube. CIA a few months after hacked his account and deleted all but one video. This frightened him and he praised the efforts of the CIA to stop him, but then uploaded the videos to a new site, but that site was smaller than Youtube and soon closed a few months later. So yes, me a few others did chat with him on Youtube, but today if he is alive, he's over 85+ years old, so I don't think he cares much about it anymore. Thanks William, we heard you loud an clear. We will take it from here.
Scott C. Waring


Ancient Alien Ship Crash Landed On Moons Surface, VIDEO.

Date of discovery: July 2011, posting of video Nov 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's Moon

Updated on May 8, 2014: Reader found coordinates in video. Go  116.E   10.5° N   It should be around there somewhere.

Apollo 20 mission (not the sci-fi movie) was suppose to be a recovery of alien technology for a long cigar ship, similar to this but in Deporte Crater. This ship is very similar in appearance. It's long but wider at the middle and end, however it looks like part of it has been salvaged at the back or badly damaged. Look at its upper lines…perfect. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
NASA's Apollo 16 captured a strange object on the Moon surface. This object is about 2,5 kilometers long (1,5 miles). It certainly crashed on the Moon, we can clearly see a huge crater behind it. The object looks broken, and damaged. We can also see a strange square-shaped face at the end of the object. 


Apollo 20 UPDATED: I added a video of naked alien woman plus an interview with William Rutledge, UFO Sighting News

The above is a photo I took of the computer screen photo on NASA archives. I did this because your digital camera will fix the blurry parts and add more detail to the photo. I then added the words and arrows.

I received a lot of emails asking me to give them more information about William Rutledge and so I added another video that he posted of the alien which is covered by a wax like coat to protect her and keep her in a hibernation all those years. I wrote seven pages about him, the things he claims about Apollo 20, and the only interview he ever gave. Understand he is now in his late 80s. I have not heard from him in over a year so I only hope that he is still health and safe somewhere in Africa. I also give a review of his videos for you to understand whats in them. I hope this helps you understand the whole Apollo 20 mission. It's hard to believe at first, but really, NASA keeps a lot of missions secret, never telling the public about them. But with internet today, its becoming harder and harder for them to keep such secrets.

The updated post link is below, or just click the Apollo post on the far left of this post.

Thank you for your interest in Apollo 20,

Scott C. Waring-UFO Sightings Daily

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯


Alien Dome City Found on Moons Surface, Apollo Image Atlas Photos Close up, UFO Sighting News.

Alien Dome City Found on Moons Surface, Apollo Image Atlas Photos Close up, UFO Sighting News.

Looking at the Apollo Moon Atlas I can't help but notice this glass dome on the moon. I found it in two consecutive NASA photos (links at bottom). This glass dome is the most detailed and most beautiful I have ever seen.

Look at the mirror like reflection of its cover. It looks like it is reflecting the surface around it to actually look like part of the surface (camouflage). There is no way of knowing if this dome city is still inhabited, only NASA will know that, but a matter of national security as they call it, and thus cannot be released to the public. So much for a "government of the people, by the people, for the people," Lincoln would be saddened at todays government.

In bottom photo, far left.

Next to and almost touching the glass-like dome is a face of an old man. Can you see it? Coincidence...I think not.

Source Photos:

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Strange Alien Structure Discovered on Moon With Face of a Lion, UFO Sighting News.

Strange Alien Structure Discovered on Moon With Face of a Lion, UFO Sighting News

Source at NASA:

Last week I reported on Deporte Crater on the moon. Deporte was linked to the notorious Apollo 20 mission, but never mind that. I want to focus on some more alien structures I found in this photo.

Below photo, Cigar UFO explored by Apollo 20 on upper left, lion face structure at upper right.

One of the artificially made objects is a structure that looks like it has a face of a lion and a body of a fish and behind its back is another face pointed in opposite direction that has a face of a bird.

Below comes from far left of original link photo at bottom.

Now I will show photos of some of the things the famous Apollo 20 ship photo (link below) but mind you, there is much more in this photo. Too much to cover in one post.

Also, do you see the tunnel going from bottom to top in center of photo?

Source at NASA:

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NASA Photo is proof of Apollo 20 mission, photo from Apollo Image Atlas, UFO Sighting And Paranormal News.

 Photo from NASA site!!!!
Location of mission: Delporte Crater, Earths moon
Coordinates: -15.89 by 121.55 LAC-83

Written By Scott C. Waring

Updated on Feb 6, 2015: CIA has been deleting videos pertaining to the city and EBE found on the moon. I suggest you download them before they succeed. I talked to William on Youtube 3 years before fakes were being put on Youtube. He is real and afraid for his life, but nearing the end of his life, he wanted to make this info public to get it off his chest. William is a hero, and will one day be noted as such in history books. SCW

NASA Photo is proof of Apollo 20 mission, photo from Apollo Image Atlas, UFO Sighting And Paranormal News.

Location of UFO: Delporte Crater, Moon

Click photo to enlarge.

Secret Note: if you look at this photo using your digital camera, it will focus the below photo, but first save to your computer and enlarge it 4-5X.

While looking at the NASA Apollo Image Atlas I noticed this long UFO in one of the craters. Now this is an official NASA photo in their archives and thus cannot be disputed or debunked. Look at the photos below of the long ancient spaceship in this photo. I also wrote about this ship in both my books Dragons of Asgard and UFO Sightings of 2006-2011. I my UFO book I wrote an entire chapter on it. Look at these photos.

If you have doubts that this UFO mother ship exists please visit the NASA page at and look at the center area of the photo. To better see it copy and paste to your computer and enlarge it 2-5 times.

It is amazing isn't it? You see, the Apollo missions were suppose to go to 20 or 21, but due to budget cuts they stopped at Apollo 17 moon mission. The truth is...they did Apollo missions 18-20 as covertly as possible. It is said that the Apollo 20 mission went inside this mothership and harvested the technology that they could find, including its alien pilot who was naked, but covered in clear wax like coating. They said she was not dead and not living, but in between. She was found attached to the pilot controls with several hoses going into her body.

Below video is the alien pilot woman they found and took the hoses out of her body and took her into the

Apollo 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa TV unscheduled transmission made from the LM.

These videos were from the Apollo 20 mission. Apollo 20 was a covert Apollo missions to the moon to retrieve ancient alien technology. I'll be the first to admit this really seems ridiculous on first glance, but if you do a little research into William Rutledge's story, then you begin to see that NASA has been hiding the truth for a long time, editing what we are allowed to know and not know.

Below video is a close up of the mothership in Delporte crater, these videos were released by William Rutledge, an astronaut on the Apollo mission who now lives in Rwanda.

This video below shows the ancient abandoned city on the moons surface that they found, all these videos were released by USAF Astronaut William Rutledge, a brave man.

Scott C. Waring wrote novels UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, Dragons of Asgard, West's Time Machine, George's Pond at all on-line bookstores. ☯


Apollo 20 Alien Technology Retrieval Mission-2007

On April of 2007, several videos apparently taken by NASA have emerged showing a city on the moon and a close up of an alien cigar shaped vessel in Delporte crater. These videos were from the Apollo 20 mission. Apollo 20 was a covert Apollo missions to the moon to retrieve ancient alien technology. I’ll be the first to admit this really seems ridiculous on first glance, but if you do a little research into William Rutledge’s story, then you begin to see that NASA has been hiding the truth for a long time, editing what we are allowed to know and not know. When researching this story, I hoped to learn the truth about the covert missions to the moon. What I learned instead stunned my imagination, strengthened by beliefs and amplified my fears.

Rutledge does show that he has an extreme knowledge of Geology, Chemistry, and space exploration, which can be seen in his vocabulary that he uses during his interview for a UFO magazine. Another reason that Rutledge seems credible is that he didn’t gain money from the UFO interview, nor has he so far. So what could be his motive? Perhaps it is to bring out the truth about the existence of alien technology on the moon.

William Rutledge is a seventy-eight year old man currently living in Rwanda. He claims to be an astronaut that traveled to the moon on a mission called Apollo 20. Now Apollo 17 was supposedly the last mission at NASA. At that point, NASA cancelled the next three missions, claiming that their budget currently was not capable of funding such an exploit. William Rutledge said that NASA’s Apollo 14 mission took photographs as they flew over the polar region of the dark side of the moon, recording numerous ships, odd shaped buildings, and ancient towering cities, most appearing abandoned for million years. As I investigated, I found that all Apollo missions from 14 to 17 flew over that polar region of the dark side of the moon. Each of those missions landed within a few hundred miles of each other, indicating that something in the area was of high scientific value. The main mission of Apollo 20 was to explore a mother ship long since abandoned, but discovered in Apollo 14 photographs. The mission took place near Deporte Crater, where a cigar shaped object is clearly visible even with the naked eye, in these NASA photos at:

Before investigating William Rutledge’s claims I first looked at the NASA panoramic photos above. It took me about three minutes to spot the cigar shaped ship poking oddly out of a crater area in the right third of the photo that he speaks about. It is elongated and appears to have a cockpit area with windows close to the nose area. I didn’t feel this was enough evidence to prove that he was being truthful, perhaps he found the same photo and made up the whole story? I dove deeper into the photo. Photograph 9630 got my attention first. I explored the far left of it, peering at its dark shadows and those unusual reflective objects showing through them. That’s when I first saw a silver odd-shaped building clearly visible with the naked eye without changing the photo in any way. To learn more of what I found, refer to the chapter on Moon discoveries. Needless to say, I learned that William Rutledge was telling at least one truth; an abundance of alien technology does exist on the area of the moon that he suggests. Now lets explore his story. Using the panoramic photo that he speaks about, and enlarging it 500% using any photo program, many alien objects will become clear to the naked eye, but lets not stop there. Instead, let’s use an amateur CSI technique for digital photos. This technique is quite simple, take the enlarged photo, looking through a digital camera while the photo is on the computer screen. This causes images that were blurred by a photo program to once again become semi-focused, bring back up to 80%-90% of the original image. Yes, this is re-digitalization, but once it’s in focus, you will be amazed, nay, awestruck at what you see before you.

Rutedge claims that a secret joint space mission, American-Soviet collaboration began in August of 1976. Is it possible? After looking at those photos, using amateur CSI techniques, I found his story to be credible. Numerous structures, many with lighted windows can be found in the photo.

Since April of 2007, a man claiming to be William Rutledge has been constantly disclosing loads of information and video footage along with photographic materials on the Internet site His user name on YouTube was “Retiredafb,” and his video of the moon city got over 1.5 million views before, someone (smells like NSA) mysteriously hacked into his account deleting all but one 4 second video. This hacking into his account only adds to the proof that William Rutledge is the real deal. He needed that account because the videos had such a high view number that they were then placed on the most viewed home page of YouTube, because of this increased publicity for him, I find it improbable that he himself would delete the account. It is possible however that he got so much exposure that the government sent professionals to erase his videos and block him access and send out emails saying he admits to lying. Since then he has created a new account called “ValValientThor.” Its curious that he chose this name, because Val Valiant Thor is the supposedly the name of the first alien contact where a human-like alien landed his spaceship in Washington near the Whitehouse to meet with the President back in March of 1957. To find William Rutledge simply type “Apollo 20” on YouTube or go to his new site at:

Let’s review four of his videos. His account has only one video left since someone broke into it and deleted all of them. William states, “To those who did the job; congratulations, you are well paid.” He is referring to those that broke into his account. He made a new account at

   Title: Apollo 20 Alien Spaceship on the Moon CSM Flyover. Found at Video length is 2:39. In the beginning of this video, it shows the inside of the CSM module where you plainly see a flag sticker that is half American and half Russian. Below this sticker is the Apollo 20 mission emblem, which has two small space ships carrying away a long cigar shaped ship from the moons surface. Note the moons surface in the badge, looks like it has an unusually shaped white building on it. 43 seconds into the video you will begin to see the moons surface, through what appears to be a circular viewfinder. Then you begin to see that it is not just over the cigar shaped alien ship in Deporte crater, but it is a mere few feet from its top. The camera is scanning the top surface of the ship from end to end, revealing various carved hieroglyphics in its outer hull. At 1:24 you can see impact holes on its surface. I don’t believe these to be caused by meteors, but looks like some laser or particle beam burnt through it.  At 1:25 it gets really detailed of the top hieroglyphics. It looks Mayan in appearance. At 1:38 you see some hieroglyphics then there is an area that has long lines, much like the chin area of a blue whale.  At 1:40 into the video you see the best view of the Hieroglyphics yet. At 1:52 you can see a hieroglyphic that looks like a person wearing a headdress and glasses. Amazing close up video of the ship.

2.   Title: Apollo 20 E.B.E. Mona Lisa TV unscheduled transmission. This Video is at and its duration is 3:13. It starts out inside the module where you can see a person dressed in a NASA white jumpsuit. At 25 seconds in you can see outside the module window at some structure outside, it looks like another module sitting on the moons surface. At 1 minute into the video you will see the EBE, which looks like a woman laying down, her face appears chapped, yet glossy at the same time. I notice that between the eyes above the eyebrows is an unusual bump. Her neck and upper chest is covered with an unusual gold towel. Her chest and pelvis appear naked, and glossy. (Note: I see the guy playing around with a camera, flipping it. There appears to be no weightlessness or little difference from that of Earths gravity-needs more research why?) Good close up of face at end of video.

3.   Title: Apollo 20 E.B.E Mona Lisa 16 mm film. Length is 6:45. It is found at  This film starts out with a close up shot of the alien girl they call Mona Lisa. It’s a close up before they removed the odd wax like covers of her two eyes, as well as it keeping her mouth open and the bump over her eyes was covered in the wax like stuff, possibly indicating a third eye? Condition of the face looks like it was frost bitten, as if frozen before death. They have a paper like object with an unknown writing on it. It has been placed in a zip lock clear plastic bag. It is very well possible that if this paper is legit, that a digitally enhanced photograph of it can be taken from this video, giving us the ultimate evidence of an alien species. This would be the best way to prove that Apollo 20 actually took place. This piece of paper with black alien writing scrolled in a cursive like manner could very well be the next Rosetta stone. It is clear on the video, so it should be easy to get a copy made and printed out to analyze. 2:45 into the video you see a close up of the material of a blanket or towel of hers. This covering close up looks like a circuit board with blue, light blue, and red conduits (very cool 3:02).

4.   Title: Apollo 20 Legacy Part 1 The City. Length is 5:02. This is my favorite of all his videos. The city in the background looks so cool, as well as the giant building they call the Cathedral. Apparently the Cathedral was the only intact part of the city. The video is being taken from the rover. At 1:30 into it, you see the Cathedral building and it is looks like something from a sci-fi move. The detail is incredible. They zoom in on the building to see it close up. Then they scan over the many buildings of the city, from end to end.

A magazine interview conducted by Luca Scantamburlo was done through a YouTube email account in May 25, 2007. He says his name is William Rutledge, born in 1930 in Belgium. He is an American citizen, but is not accustomed to speaking in English anymore since 1990 when he moved from Europe to Rwanda. He has learned Kinyarwanda and uses French and sometimes German because Rwanda is a former Belgium-German Colony. He said that he moved to Rwanda because of a woman he met. He says, “NASA didn’t employ me, USAF did.” He worked an area that studies foreign technology, studying Russian items only, like the N1 project, AJAX plane project and the Mig Foxbat 25. Rutledge had previously worked on the Gemini project and the USAF remembered that, so they chose him later for Apollo 20. He says he was chosen, “because I was one of the rare pilots who didn’t believe in God.” For some reason, he said that little thing was the deciding factor making him an astronaut. Rutledge says that there were 300 people working on the USAF in Vandenberg, California. During this mission there was a Russian-American collaboration to make the mission happen.

Rutledge claims that the Apollo 18 mission was the Apollo-Soyuz project that took place in 1975. Apollo 19 however, had a loss of telemetry for some unknown reason, ending mission data sent back. It apparently hit a meteorite in orbit. Hmm…I believe the odds of a moving object hitting another moving object is far less likely than a meteorite hitting a stationary object, yet this could have been a warning sent from lunar inhabitants. Apollo 18’s goal was to send a rover to explore the roof of a ship by climbing on the Monaco hill and entering an opening made by those who explored the ship far before the USAF ever arrived.

When Rutledge was speaking about the alien ship and lunar city on the moon, his descriptions sent ones imagination whirling. “We entered the two ships on the mission. One was a cigar shaped mother ship, the other a triangular-shaped ship. Most the mission fell on exploring the mother ship, which NASA believed crossed the universe at least 1.5 billion years ago. We witnessed many signs of biological life forms inside, like old remains of unusual plants in the section that apparently contains the engine for the craft. Another biological species came in the shape of triangular rocks that emit droplets of a yellow liquid that has medical properties. We found signs of extra-solar creatures. We discovered the remains of many tiny bodies measuring about 10 cm across. These tiny creatures were living in a complex network of glass tubes all along the interior of the ship. The most startling of all the discoveries was when we came upon two human like bodies, one of which was totally intact even after over a billion years on the ship.” The one intact EBE was named by Leonov or himself (he was unsure) calling her Mona Lisa. He said the EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) was female and close to 1.65 meters tall. She had genitals, hair and six fingers. Possibly meaning their mathematics may have been based on a dozen. It was apparent that her function was to be a pilot. She had piloting devices attached to her fingers and eyes, yet had on no cloths. She had two thin cables that ran into here nose area, but note she had no nostrils. Leonov undid the devices over her eyes, causing secretions of bio liquid to shoot out and freeze from the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts of the body. Some areas of the body seemed in unusually good condition for its age. He stated, “As we told mission control, condition seemed not dead, not alive.” A thin transparent coating protected her hair and skin. We didn’t have a medical background so Leonov and I made a simple test. We decided to take off our bio equipment and attach it to the EBE so that it could send the telemetry back to Mission Control Medical experts. She is now on Earth and she is not dead, but I want to post other videos of her before I talk further about her. We also fund a second body that appeared to be destroyed. We took the head on board. The color of its skin was a pastel blue or blue-grey. The skin had a bit of unusual inscription over the eyes and forehead. There was a strap without inscription around the head. The cockpit of cigar shaped mother ship was full of calligraphy and was made by lengthy hexagonal tubes.

The actual age of the spacecraft was 1.5 billion years old, which was confirmed during exploration. We discovered fragments of the original crust, anorthosite, spirals in feldspathoids, apparently came from the impact which formed the Izasak D Crater.  “The density of the meteor impacts on the ship validated the age, also the little white impacts on the Monaco hill at the West of the ship,” said Rutledge.

The city that we discovered was actually named on Earth. It was decided that this city would be called Station One, but once astronauts got a close look at it, they realized that it was since long abandoned and turned to worthless piles of scrap, except one taller larger building we called the cathedral. That one seemed intact. (The Cathedral is clearly shown in detail on the video of the lunar city on YouTube). There was a writing or calligraphy deeply pressed into every piece of metal. We believed the ship and the city were similar in age, but it is a very tiny part of the whole. On the rover our telephoto lens makes the alien structures look bigger than normal.

Rutledge said that he was surprised that no one ever asks him “why is it necessary to hide UFO’s?” He says it’s a question of economics. “All the currencies on Earth are based on the value of gold,” he states. Most people don’t know that gold is an exterritorial metal that is created when a star dies. When a star dies, its mass grows greatly, atoms get compressed and then the star explodes. Large amounts of gold get spread across young solar systems. That’s why gold is a carbon free metal. This means that it is the most common substance in the universe.

I found this statement above to be bizarre at first, but then when reviewing the “Alien Spaceship on the Moon – Fly over before landing” video clip that he released, I noticed several reflections of light, each a different color except two of them that the LM (lunar module) apparently flew over. The video is at and at . The first patch of gold appears at the far left of the screen at 55 seconds into the clip. The second larger patch appears 1.16 seconds and on the far left of the screen. Two yellow areas that I had earlier assumed were reflections, turns out to actually be huge patches of gold color mineral. One circle-shaped patch appears to be several meter in diameter, the other is clearly three to four times larger than the first. Now upon closer inspection, the gold appears to be similar in color to unprocessed gold ore with a luminosity of 20-24k gold. When I showed the video to a geologist friend at a local university, he confirmed that it has a high probability of being gold according to its reflection of the suns light and its surface color.
Others with Evidence to suggest Rutledge’s story is true:

1.      It was reported in March of 1996 that NASA scientists and engineers who took part in the Moon and Mars exploration met in front of Washington National Press Club to discuss their findings. They announced that numerous man-made structures and objects were discovered on the Lunar surface. The article goes on to say that there is a mass of evidence of abandoned cities. An unnamed mission control specialist stated, “Our guys observed ruins of the Lunar cities, transparent pyramids, domes, and God knows what else which are currently hidden deep inside NASA safes, and felt like Robinson Crusoe when he suddenly came across prints of bare feet on the sand of the desert island.” Later they took back the statement.

2.      Sergeant Karl Wolfe was in a photo lab when his boss, Staff Sergeant Taylor, came over to him and told him they were having difficulty with some equipment on the base at the first Lunar Orbiter program. It was the same kind of equipment he was use to using, so he thought nothing of it. Wolfe was told that it was a NASA facility that he had gone to, but Wolfe remembers him saying NSA (possibly the NSA is in charge of Lunar artefacts). Wolfe said that he was called in to fix some photographic equipment, and his security clearance was raised due to him being the only person at the time able to fix such equipment. He saw a lot of activity in the hanger that day. He noticed that a lot of guest nametags were on individuals from foreign countries in this hanger. He was in the lab when an airmen came up to him saying, “We discovered a base on the back side of the Moon.” Wolfe was stunned of course. Then the airmen showed Wolfe some photographs that clearly showed geometric shapes, well organized and well designed. This story confirms Williams Rutledge’s details.

President John F. Kennedy wrote a memorandum for the CIA director about UFO Intelligence files on November 12, 1963, just eleven day before he was assassinated. The body of the memo stated, “As I had discussed with you previously, I have initiated (blacked out) and have instructed James Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in joint space and lunar exploration. It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bana-fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources. It is important that we make a clear distinction between the known and unknown in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defence and space programs. When this data has been sorted out, I would like you to arrange a program of data sharing with NASA where Unknowns are a factor. This will help NASA mission directors in their defensive responsibilities. I would like an interim report on the data review no later than February 1, 1964,” signed “John F. Kennedy.” This memo clearly stated that the NASA was working on a specific space program with Russia! Perhaps it was the fact that JFK asked the CIA to reveal and share classified information with NASA officials that may have upset the CIA intensely, causing the CIA to feel that JFK has overstepped his bounds. In the past, 1994, Dr. Mitchell had stated to the St. Petersburg Times that there are many insiders within the US government that were studying the recovered bodies of aliens. That this specific agency has stopped briefing US presidents after John F. Kennedy. We may never learn the truth of who killed him, but we can assume that if no other presidents were advised of alien bodies, alien prisoners, alien captured or traded craft, then first, what happened with JFK that made them stop telling US presidents? Second, when JFK asked the CIA in the memo to share classified info with NASA, did the CIA believe that it was almost like going public with it?

It is clear from the evidence and research, that William Rutledge is telling the truth. He does have a sensitive NASA material and information about covert missions to the moon. It is clearly genuine material, and the abundance of debunkers (NSA) hacking into his account and making debunking websites about Apollo 20, only make me believe these debunkers are being paid for all their hard work and have an agenda. I do believe that he was an astronaut on one of these covert missions, due to the details of the Apollo 20 mission that Retiredafb (Youtube Name) also known as ValValientThor (Youtube Name) gave. This person is trying extremely hard to get his story out, yet they are not telling us much yet, so only time will tell if he is a true astronaut. Then again, how much information is enough to judge? Nevertheless, in his interview he mentions that the documents and video came from a crate guarded by a security guard that was suppose to watch over them until they were destroyed. Rutledge says his friend was shown these items by the guard and allowed to take what he wanted, latter sending some to Rutledge. I feel that the person calling himself William Rutledge could possibly be that security guard in the USAF. Also I find it hard to believe that NASA eggheads couldn’t think up a better name for a covert mission, instead of continuing to use the Apollo names. By using the Apollo mission name, they would increase likelihood of being exposed. Rutledge former astronaut is a unique individual who deserves our attention.

Are you aware that there have been 59 Lunar exploration missions (robotic and human) from January of 1959 to January of 1998? (Clementine Atlas of the Moon, page xix) These missions involve mostly the USSR and the USA, although one mission was from Japan called Muses A in January of 1990. This high level of moon missions is clear evidence that there is something up there to warrant the money and the risk…alien technology?

Surly his leaked information may have been the cause of Japan and China to recently launch lunar mapping satellites. Japan sent a satellite called SELENE to photo the lunar surface and reached lunar orbit on Oct. 18, 2007, at an altitude of 100km above the lunar surface. China’s Chang-1 satellite was launched Oct. 24, 2007 set to orbit the moon for one year while sending back detailed photos. Two satellites launched from two countries in one week set for a similar mission. What do you suppose China and Japan hope to gain once they see the extremely highly detailed photographs of the lunar cities and ships? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, the truth cannot be hidden from us forever.

Written By Scott C. Waring

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