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Elon Musk Explains A Complex Question About Aliens That We All Have Wondered About, UFO Sighting News.


Now this is something I have heard about before from all UFO reports where there was alien contact and the human or humans were able to ask a few important questions. One long ago asked a similar question of an alien and the alien answered, "we don't understand why humans are always doing things the hard way." Scientists across the globe try to answer why humanity is being ignored by intelligent aliens if they exist. Well, this is why. This has always stuck with me over the decades and then Elon Musk made a single tweet on his platform X today that echoed that old info again. 

His tweet says, "this is why aliens don't talk to us." And there is a photo of a guy pushing a dolly cart inside a shopping cart at a Home Depo store. You know this is true, it's not just made up. Apparently Elon has inside information that would allow him to make such a conclusion. But yeah, it's how most alien species see us. Why do we humans always choose the most complex, difficult path to reach the same place? For instance, the most complex questions humanity has always has an incredibly simplistic solution to it. Yet humans think too much into it and believe the answer is too complex for the human mind. 

Scott C. Waring 


Elon Musk Tweet That UFO Are 100% Real! Sept 2021, UFO Sighting News.


Date of Tweet: Sept 14, 2021

Elon musk, creator and CEO of SpaceX has boldly announced on Twitter this week that, "I'm not saying there are UFOs...but there are UFOs!" Elon Musk is Americas Golden Child who is given free ride informations, data, designs and schematics of the most top secret alien tech that DARPA has to offer and leaks it slowly into the public domain. This time he leaked something different...something the US government doesn't want to admit or make a big deal about...that UFO do exist. Elon Musk has the highest tech cameras attached to every satellite, orbiter and rocket he sends into space...not to mention he sent a freaking Tesla Roadster in orbit around our sun with half a dozen live feed cameras on it. This means Elon has seen and recorded dozens of close up raw footage of UFOs over the years. Raw footage that he has not yet admitted to owning and not yet released, but is 100% in possession of. Musk being the rebel he is...may see the day when he says enough is enough and he may release some of that raw footage for the world to see. Thats how the world changes, from rebels who do things differently from all the rest. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan