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UFO Shot Down Over Israel Oct 2012, VIDEO.

Date of sighting: October 2012
Location of sighting: Southern Israel

Now news is stating that this is a UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and they decided this by the way it moves as such high speeds from one position to anther with sudden reverse moves that no jet could perform. This still has not been identified an all surrounding countries have denied responsibility. All evidence points to this being a UFO from space, however their peaceful mission turned may have changed how aliens see us. SCW


Fleet of Glowing Orbs Over Netanya, Israel, May 9, 2012 News Source.

Date of sighting: May 9, 2012
Location of sighting: Netanya, Israel

News Report States: Moti Gaber, a resident of Kfar Yonah, a suburb of Netanya, Israel, was coming home with his son Wednesday night around 8:00 from the Lag Ba’Omer festivities, when he saw something quite literally out of this world. “I saw something very strange,” he told the Jewish Press early Thursday morning. “I arrived at the parking bay in my housing complex, I look up and, alongside the top of the buildings, I see these orange balls. They were moving in formation, eight altogether.” Gaber also didn’t think what he had seen were any kind of aircraft known to him, and he contends the objects were perfectly silent and flew too close together to be planes or drones. Gaber, who served in the IDF in a combat unit, said he can tell the difference between a fireworks pencil, or flares, and what he saw last night. “It looked nothing like any of those things,” he insisted. “If they were fireworks pencils they would have dropped and evaporated. And they just didn’t look like flares. As to balloons, what can I tell you, it makes no sense for a balloon to move horizontally like that.” “They disappeared from view, I looked for them behind the buildings and saw nothing,” he said. The police center for special reports told the Jewish Press there were no unusual reports last night in the Netanya area.



UFO Over Mount Hermon, Israel On Jan 2012 - TV NEWS VIDEO.

Date of sighting: January 2012
Location of sighting: Mount Hermon, Israel

Translation Using Google:

10 year old Bohbot solar settlement in the Jezreel Valley went last Saturday with his family to Mount Hermon to surf the snow, enjoy the view overlooking the upper car the cable, but during his stay there he looked up - and may be discovered to have someone looking out onto it. He opened his cellphone camera and began recording an unidentified object, a holiday at an altitude of 2 km from the ground, glowing and moving slowly from place to place.

He took his time to tell his family, but when they returned home he showed them the pictures. The whole family tried to decipher the aerial photos - without success. Meanwhile, dozens of  friends in elementary school were amazed that he could record a UFO, and none of the children surprisingly, doubted his words. "They were surprised, were in the market, and then some also fear that now it becomes clear that aliens are here," he says.

"I believe in aliens"

And just before the scientific reading that could change everything we know about the universe, there are other alternatives to check up and cooling the enthusiasm. "It may be a reflection of the sun by a stranger. In any case it is actually probably came from the Earth and not elsewhere," stated Dr. Yigal Fattal Givatayim Observatory.

Minutes after the first UFO sighting in the skies, the UFO kept moving until it disappeared above Hermon. IDF tried today to see what exactly happened on Mount Hermon - so far with no success. Hermon critics said with a grin that management checks to see how the intruders jumped the fence and did not pay the entrance fee.

Back home with camera in hand the boy awaits his next visit: "I believe in aliens, I think those who were good get visits by aliens."


Same 3 UFO Formations in Clouds, This time in Israel, Jan 12, 2011 VIDEO, #UFOsighting

Same 3 UFO Formations in Clouds, This time in Israel, Jan 12, 2011 VIDEO, #UFOsighting

Date of sighting: January 12, 2011
Location of sighting: RishonLezion, Israel

A blog reader sent us this information from Israel, where today January 12 (2011) manages to photograph and videotape these strange clouds over the skies of RishonLezion in Israel.

This phenomenon started in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on January 7, 2011 and now the three UFO craft that fly side by side have traveled to Israel on some kind of tour of our planets surface. Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

How long have they been flying up there over our cities over our capitals without a single military jet fighter to investigate them? This makes the US Air Force look like fools.

Below is a photo of Jan 7, 2011 of three UFOs hiding in clouds.

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