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UFO Seen Above Mount Adams, Washington At ECETI Ranch, March 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 1, 2019
Location of sighting: Mount Adams, Washington

This UFO was captured at the top of Mount Adams. This is the same location where people from around the world, including TV news and military generals have visited at night and have seen UFOs. James Gillian, the owner of the ranch noticed the UFOs decades ago and since then opened up a camping area for UFO researchers who see them nightly...with video to prove it. James Gillian himself says he was invited by an alien onboard a ship to see what its like. I have been following James for over 7 years...and he never fails to impress with his videos, photos and personal experiences with the aliens he says lives in a base 4-5 miles below Mount Adams. Want to prove him wrong? I dare you to go there and try. Bring the night vision, scopes and video recorders. 
Scott C. Waring

Video states: 
We made our way to the ECETI Ranch, at the base of Mount Adams, to make contact! During our stay, we recorded many anomalous objects floating in and around the mountain. At the beginning, we believed these were hitchhikers, but upon closer examination, in the thermal camera (which detects heat signatures), no heat (from a body) was detected. The truth is, up to 95% of what people think are ET craft, is explainable, but we are going after that 5% that are legitimate other worldly craft, in our search around the globe.


ABC Reporter Nick Watts Struggles With Understanding UFO Visitations Are Real And Happening Daily, July 1, 2015. UFO Sighting News.

Date of news: July 1, 2015
Location of news: Mt Shasta, California, USA

I have to admit its nice to see ABC news taking the scientific area of UFOs and alien research seriously. They chose Nick Watt, who seems oblivious to any knowledge about the subject. I like that, because Nick is not a skeptic, but instead, just a guy who is uninformed. Thats ok. He is trying to understand things he has never contemplated possible before, and I know its a big step for him to do this. For that I admire his persistence. 

Nick made a simple mistake, but its one that took the story in a whole new direction with few sightings. He went to Mt. Shasta. Yes there are UFO sightings there, but not as common as other places. He really should have gone to the ECETI ranch at Mt. Adams, Washington. Many military generals and politicians have gone, and most have seen UFOs and had no explanation at what they could be. If you live near Mt. Adams, watch it carefully. UFO buzz out of it on a daily basis. SCW

ABC News states:
ABC's Nick Watt's new show on Travel Channel follows his experiences in strange and far off places.


Argentina Cattle Mutilations in Santiago del Estero, April 2013.

Source: Diario El Liberal, Diario Panorama and Vision Ovni
Date of discovery: 8 April 2013

Argentina: Cattle Mutilations in Santiago del Estero

A cattle rancher from Paraje San Miguel, located in the interior of the Quebrachos department, made known the discovery of mutilated cows.

Technical Information:
Place: Paraje San Miguel, Department of Quebrachos
Location: 2 kilometers from the farmhouse
Livestock Producer: Aldo Pineda
Number of Animals: 1
Date Reported: 8 April 2013

Type of incision: “Those of us who live in the country and have slaughtered an animal are aware of the difficulty in removing a bovine’s tongue, since it is necessary to perform a series of cuts to its jaw in order to extract it. Those of us who saw the dead cow could not find an explanation as to how it was missing its tongue, eyes, udders and blood.”

It is worth noting animals with similar injuries were found 6 years ago on this very same field.


Alien Base Entrance Discovered On Mount Adams, Near ECETI Ranch, UFO Sighting News, Nov 2, 2012.

Date of discovery: Nov 2, 2012
Location of discovery: Mount Adams, on the Oregon, Washington boarder, USA
Source is a world satellite map (free):

I had read about and researched the UFO Sightings at the ECETI ranch for many years and finally found a satellite map that would allow me to fully view the top of the ranch. The mass amounts of military officers and DOD people as well as news agencies who record these UFO have been baffled by what they saw. Glowing UFO orbs are seen nightly by visitors and people in the community. The thing that sticks out the most is that they often say, "it was coming from the side of the mountain," or "it went into the side of the mountain." This made me search for some kind of distortion in the photos, a glitch in their cloaking that would prove to be an entrance to a base. You see I work with infrared and night vision so I understand that certain light waves are not visible to the human eye, but the digital eye is a different story.  Here is a video I made of the results of this search. The entrance is real…now…how do we open it? Scott C. Waring


UFO Sighting of orb over ECETI ranch at Oregon on James Gililand's Birthday, July 22 video.


Date of sighting: July 22, 2011
Location of sighting: ECETI Ranch, Hood River, Oregon, USA

This is a special sighting since one it was seen at ECETI ranch and two it was James Gilliland's Birthday. If you don't know what ECETI ranch is, it is a place where you can go to see UFO orbs every night! Yes you heard right, every night and there have been military, pilots, news reporters and all have seen them and recorded them, yet no one has any explained it. James says the orbs live in an underground alien base below Mt. Adams near his ranch.

"I asked someone the next morning if anyone counted and he said there was over 100 ships that night, easily. There were a lot of activity that night and the next night also... trying to get the footage of the next night. We'll see if i can get it and post it."

For those who don't know who James is or what the ECETI ranch is, here is a news video of TV reporters spending the night there and recording UFOS!

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New UFO Sighting Of Orb Bright As The Sun At ECETI Ranch, Trout Lake, Washington, June 27, 2011.

New UFO Sighting Of Orb Bright As The Sun At ECETI Ranch, Trout Lake, Washington, June 27, 2011.

Date of sighting: June 27, 2011
Location of sighting: ECETI Ranch, Trout Lake, Washington, USA

A new video shows a UFO that appeared to witnesses "as bright as a second sun" crossing the skies over the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake Washington on the evening of Monday, June 27, 2011. The event was just one in a series of ongoing sightings that occurred during the previous four nights, captured in both visible light and infrared night vision using a stereo camera imaging system. The video also shows lights on Mt. Adams accompanied by mysterious flights over the peak, a UFO that disappears in mid-air while flying in clear skies, witnesses using lights to engage luminous vehicles, orbs swarming around a low-flying UFO and incredible acceleration when what appears to be an inter-dimensional spaceship makes a rapid exit.

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