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Saturn Rings Make Transmit Radio Waves Sounds, Alien Message Board? UFO Sighting News.

Source recording:

Alien messages are known to exist, and non of the radio transmissions have yet to be deciphered. For example Comet P67 has transmitted a song ever since it was discovered, which prompted ESA to build a probe and send it to the comet to find out if its an alien message. Once the probe got there, what it found is unknown since the ESA only published a few dozen of the thousands of photos it took. Why? Unknown? Probably hiding alien structures, since the comet itself looks like a alien face on a round head, with neck and shoulders. 

Saturn has been transmitting such songs, 24/7 like comet P67. However it seems that the rings of Saturn are an amplifier of sorts, sending the signals out into the cosmos. I believe that the rings are transmitting and receiving signals constantly, so deciphering them will be impossible, since separating just one from the thousands happening at once would be a job for AI, not for humans. 

Listen to the video below and decide for yourself. Saturn is calling you.
Scott C. Waring


UFO Mothership-Like Sounds Heard Around The World, Jan 2012 Video.

Date of all recordings in this video: January 2012
Locations of sounds in video: Kiev, Belarus, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, North Bergen, Victoria B.C., Alkmaar, Maryland, Scandinavia, Belgium, Canada (many cities), Chicago, Czech Republic, Oklahoma, Scotland, Costa Rica, Poland

Listen to these strange sounds from around the world all this month. Some are claiming its underground alien bases, others are taking a more religious stance quoting the Bible saying; "And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and hey will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other." Matthew 24:31 hmmm…I not a religious kind of guy, but that would make sense if the Dec 21, 2012 were something earth changing. I myself believe that major religious figures in the past were real, but were just aliens trying to impose ethics and morality on an chaotic human race. SCW