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Alien Faces On Asteroid Vesta, Feb 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2015
Location of discovery: Asteroid Vesta recorded by Dawn
Source photo:

I was looking at recent images of Asteroid Vesta and found these two faces. I colored it to make it easier to see, but the original is best. The face at the top is large and has a long head. Its face is purple as so is its neck and probably skin. 

The second face is right below it and looks to be a child of the alien species. Its face is less defined, but obvious. The childs face is more rounded, chubby in appearance, explain below its neck area. Instead of purple skin its face seems orange and its top of head purple with a much shorter cranium compared to the parent. 

This is a new species that I have never found before. The faces look well worn over the eons floating through space on this astroid, but were probably put there as a mark of a species who lays calm (ownership) of the asteroid. There are a few other faces, but they seem to eroded to bother reporting. SCW