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Ancient Aztecs Met Aliens, Stone Carvings Are Proof, April 2012 News

These amazing ancient Aztec carvings in stone. They show alien figures, UFOs and even stars in the sky above them. It looks like the ancient civilizations had contact with aliens and these aliens must have been helping them in some way, perhaps giving them focus and teaching them to build the pyramids and cities. 

Video states: "Fernando Correa presents the findings of the zonade Ojuelos, Jalisco where there areclear traces of ships, flying discs and planets. A real mystery. Local people claim that they are genuine parts that should be investigated."


Amazing UFO During Day Time Over Mexico City On Feb 12, 2012, Video News.

Date of sighting: February 12, 2012
Location of sighting: Mexico City, Mexico

Look closely at this UFO seen this week over Mexico city and while you are watching remember your history, Mexico City was the location of the Aztec empire back in 1325, once called "Tenochtitlan."  Long ago they chose this area for a reason. Myth says Aztec people came from the north from a place called Aztlan (Atlantis?) and this place is also called Chicomostoc, "the place of the seven caves," which is said to be the origin of all civilizations. That makes it sound as if they came from an underground alien base? Perhaps were slaves that escaped?