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Vatican Moon Photo Shows Alien Structures, Nov 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Nov 3, 2019
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Source photo:

I found some interesting alien structures on Earths moon in photos from the Vatican telescope. The photo is 26mb in size which easily shows a lot of detail that NASA often edits out. In the above screenshot I added yellow to the structures to make them stand out better. 

I recently emailed a Vatican astronomer asking if I could assist him in their research of finding such evidence. Chris Cobally kindly emailed me back saying, Hi Scott, Thank you for offering your services, but I've no need for finding such possible objects. Best wishes for your discoveries, Chris Corbally. 

It was kind of Chris to answer, but still I wondered...did he say he had no need for finding such things because...he already had found many alien structures with the Vatican telescope? So I decided to look at a few photos they took and see what they missed. Clearly there are two structures in this photo that were over looked. Once structure has a massive open doorway. The other is sitting inside a crater. both near the shadows to help hide them. 

Maybe in the next Dan Brown novel about the Vatican he will write about the Vatican and their knowledge of the existence of aliens, or maybe it too true to life. 
Scott C. Waring


Ancient Alien Face Found On Mars Hilltop, March 27, 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 17, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA Source:

I have to say this is one of the most amazing discoveries I have ever made. This face above shows a crown, face, cloak over shoulders and chest of the person. This sculpture was placed on a hill in a way that it can overlook a large area of Mars. The face above is about 1.5 meters tall. There may actually be more of the sculpture buried below the dirt, much like the Easter Island statues also had full bodies, but the bodies were buried below the dirt so only the heads were visible. There was also a lot of other objects like pipes, giant sculpture skull, and a fallen over alien statue. 

So ask yourself, why hasn't NASA reported these objects which are in the NASA archives? To over look such important discoveries is beyond incompetent. NASAs lack of effort and lack of information about these alien artifacts is proof that they are not doing their jobs. I can't help but wonder why people still trust NASA when they have lied to the public for over five decades? I do know that outside of the USA, other countries like Taiwan has lost trust in NASA a lot...around a 50-60% drop since the fake moon landing evidence came out. 

Perhaps the public should create their own company to investigate alien life. The time has come to share all information with the public. 
Scott C. Waring


Saints Blood Fails To Liquify, Signifying Time Of War, Disease And Famine! Dec 19, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of event: Dec 19, 2016
Location of event: Naples Cathedral, Naples, Italy
Source article:

Another prediction that is leading up to a congruency with Baba Vangas prediction is that on Dec 16th, the ancient blood of a saint did not turn from dried blood to liquid. This is suppose to beckon signals of war, famine, disease or other disasters. But...if Baba Venga is right...then Trump will never lay hands on the bible and be sworn in as president on Jan 20th, 2017. If this is true, then Obama may dissolve the presidential position, deciding no country should follow archaic laws of bing ruled by a single person, giving all presidential power to congress. Oh...very exciting to see if this comes true or not. That Obama will be the last president of the US. The most important presidents in history will always be the first...and the last. This really pushes the envelope doesn't it? Gota love it though. 
Scott C. Waring

Catholic News states:
Naples, Italy, Dec 19, 2016 / 12:06 pm (CNA).- Prayer was the response to a rare failure of a saint’s blood to liquefy in Naples, an occurrence some believe to portend misfortune.

“We must not think of disasters and calamities. We are men of faith and we must pray,” said Monsignor Vincenzo De Gregorio, the Abbot of the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, ANSA reports.

The blood belongs to St. Januarius, Patron of Naples and former bishop and martyr of the city.

Known in Italian as San Gennaro, his bones and a reliquary of his blood are preserved in Naples’ cathedral. He is believed to have been martyred during the infamous persecution of Christians during the rule of the Roman emperor Diocletian, who retired in 305.

The reputed miracle is locally known and accepted, though has not been the subject of official Church recognition. The liquefaction is believed to happen at least three times a year: the Saturday before the first Sunday of May, Sept. 19, which is the saint's feast day, and Dec. 16, the anniversary of the 1631 eruption of the Mount Vesuvius volcano.

During the miracle, the dried, red-colored mass confined to one side of the reliquary becomes blood that covers the entire glass. In local lore, the failure of the blood to liquefy signals war, famine, disease or other disaster.


Vatican Hides Alien Information From Public, UFO Sighting News.

In May 2008, Funes gave an interview to the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper saying that the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials posed no problems to Catholic theology. The conference itself was officially convened by the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, chaired by its religious leader Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, and was held on private Vatican grounds from November 6-10. Together with Funes’ 2008 interview and subsequent public comments by him, the conference demonstrates a welcome openness by the Vatican on the possibility and implications of extraterrestrial life.  The Vatican’s openness to discussion of extraterrestrial life is no accident. It is part of an openness policy secretly adopted by the United Nations in February 2008. In fact, the Vatican is playing a leading role in preparing the world for extraterrestrial disclosure.


UFO Over Vatican City Welcomes New Pope On Live World Wide TV Broadcast, March 2013.

Date of sighting: March 2013
Location of sighting: Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Caught on TV news and broadcasted around the globe this little glowing UFO was seen moving over the buildings of Vatican City. On this day a new pope was declared and perhaps this alien wanted to get a closer look. Theres no telling what they can hear or see with their advanced technology, let alone what they can see in the minds of the bishops and the pope himself by reading their minds. SCW


Alien or Mother Mary Emerges from light in Africa video, April 20, 2011 UFO Sighting.

Alien or Mother Mary Emerges from light in Africa video, April 20, 2011 UFO Sighting.

Date of sighting: Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Location of sighting: District of Yopougon, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa)

A crowd of eyewitnesses roared saying that they saw the Virgin Mary appear from heaven.

Look closely at the glowing light above the trees. In a few moments of watching the glowing light you will see an entity emerge that appears to be in a white robe with a dark brown shaw over his/her shoulders. The darkness of the hair can be made out at one point.

In the first video the lighting has been altered to better show the entity emerge from the light, and I have to say this version of the video seems more easily to make out the alien emerging from the light.

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How we regard UFO sightings is often framed from our cultural and societal experience.

People generally try to explain something in terms that they can understand. The way we see things is often framed from our cultural and societal experience. Thus, we have a phenomonon in which many Christians try to explain UFOs in terms of their Biblical understanding.

Recently one of the founders of the 'Satanic UFO' hypothesis has passed in Britain. Father Paul or the Reverend Paul Inglesby was 94 years old.

...In fact, as he described in his book UFOs and the Christian (1978), Inglesby came to believe that, far from being piloted by aliens, UFOs were of satanic origin.

He initially developed this view while ill in pre-war Malta, after undergoing a spiritual experience in which he had visions of a future war against demonic forces controlling spaceships and nuclear weapons....Such was his conviction that, during the 1960s, he corresponded with Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten and Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, both of whom had publicly declared their belief in UFOs, seeking to convince them of his hypothesis...

.....Nevertheless, Inglesby wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury, warning that the Queen should not attend the premiere of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) at Leicester Square, as, he claimed, the film had a satanic theme involving mind-control...(source:

Although Father Paul is gone his idea will live on. True believers everywhere have struggled to explain a world that is round and ancient dinosaurs. They demonize what they don't understand.

It used to be that the true believers along with most of the public denied the UFO reality. Now even the most closed minded fundamentalist Bible believing Christians admit that there are UFOs that are likely of non-human origin.

The Vatican has taken the opposite approach to the 'Satanic UFO' hypothesis. They say that the Aliens are just part of God's wondrous creation and are our brothers.

Vatican Official: OK to Believe in Aliens and God

Why the Increase in UFO Alien Scare Mongering?

Billionaire Space Pioneer Robert Bigelow Warns of Dangers of UFOs

Some, however, see ET as a danger to National Security and demand that the world unite to fight the Alien threat. They see the UFO phenomonon in terms of the war culture that they were raised on.

It is likely that Aliens are merely studying humanity and the earth and extracting items of interest. It is likely that there is more than one type of ET visiting earth. They all have some different motives and agendas.

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It is certain, though, that the Aliens could do a great deal of damage to the world and to humanity if they had invasion on their minds. It appears that are 'Alien brothers' are not exactly like humans, or humanity would have been enslaved by them years ago.

However, reports are from a variety of abductee experiences that the Aliens are warning of a catostrophic future for humanity. According to abductee reports, ETs see humanity as killing themselves and much of the planet from environmental disasters.

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From this perspective, the Aliens don't sound so demonic. Rather they have given us warnings, taken samples, engaged in cross breading, and are waiting.

What are they waiting for?

They are likely waiting for humans to destroy themselves so that the Aliens can bring the world a new humanoid type that is genetically altered to be, perhaps, an improved version of the old, hostile, nearly insane human stock.

So ETs are not Satanic. Indeed, it is more true to say that humanity is being destroyed by the Satanic greed and corruption of its Corporate and Financial ruling class.

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