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Glowing UFOs Caught On Deer Cam In Jackson, Mississippi, TV News VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 16, 2014
Time: 07:55 PM
Location of sighting: Jackson County, Cumbest Bluff, South Mississippi, USA
Date of publication: April 4, 2014

They were caught on camera the night of February 16. Mysterious lights that appeared in the sky over the 150 acres that Rainer and Edith Shattles call home in the Cumbest Bluff area of Jackson County. Were they a phenomenon that's simple to explain, or something else? The Shattles never tire of looking at the strange images caught by their trail cameras on that clear winter night. 

"We have unusual things happen around here that happen, but it's usually associated with our grandchildren. But this case, we didn't know what it was," Edith recalled. "I was looking for a nice buck to be showing up on the trail camera actually." The timeline of the pictures is clear. At 7:24pm, deer appear and all is normal. At 7:29, a dim light appears. At 7:35, it gets brighter. Then at 7:53, a weird shape appears on the camera.  The deer are lit up brightly, but how? The cameras are infrared and don't emit light. At 7:56, another sharper light appears, then it gets much closer, seemingly focused on the deer. It looks like headlights, but well off the ground and there is no road. It then flies away.  Rainer takes me to the site deep in the woods.  I see the trees where the object appeared. Rainer tells me what he's thinking. (More at source). - The News for South Mississippi


Glowing Orbs Recorded By Deer Cam In South Texas, TV News Video, Oct 31, 2013 UFO Sighting Daily.

Date of sighting: October 31, 2013
Location of sighting: Hill County, South Texas, USA

KSAT News states: 
Often glowing orbs would be seen around got a farmers attention. When the farmer moved his deer feeder to a low spot on his property near an old dry pond bed. He placed a mounted camera nearby to capture the animals that come to drink, but instead he captures glowing balls of light and flashes of light along the ground. He also saw it a few times with his own eyes, like one night he was walking near the feeder states; "on the ground there were like two gigantic flashlight beams. Like searching the ground. Right around me and I looked up at the sky and there was nothing." 

This is not the first time such glowing orbs have been recorded by animal cams. This unexplained phenomenon happens every so often and the images captured are...mind blowing. SCW

Check out these other catches:


Alien Caught In Wildlife Forest Cam In Pennsylvania On Nov 2012, UFO Sighting News.

Photos Credit to ADGUK (Alien Disclosure Group UK)

Date of sighting: November 2012
Location of sighting: North West, Pennsylvania, USA

Please note this is a forest cam that uses infrared at night and ir will photograph things the human eye cannot see. The alien creature in the background was probably not visible to the deers eyes (cloaked) and that is why it is semi-transparent. SCW

ADGUK reports: 
Very creepy image of an unknown creature captured on a deer/trail cam in Northwest PA, possibly Kinzua/Allegany National Forest. Creature seems to be sitting down and laughing or maybe trying to communicate with the deer, who knows! What is it, an Alien, Zombie or something else. Thanks to Peter Duffy for sharing the image.

ADG on Facebook:

This is very similar to another forest cam alien sighting in Dec 2010, news report and new video below. 

"An NBC 33 viewer claims to have caught an "alien-looking thing" on a deer cam. He chooses to remain anonymous but says the pic was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The viewer says the cam itself was busted when it was found, but the SIM card was still in it. The viewer claims this is NOT a hoax. NBC 33's Tyler Gamble finds answers today. Watch NBC 33 News at 5 to see what he can find out."


Forest Cam has UFO Sighting on Sept 18, 2010 see amazing photos.

Location of sighting: Maryland, US
Date of sighting: 9-18-2010

These pictures were taken with a stationary deer cam. Notice the distance of the light from a duration of about a minute. The camera is installed about 6 ft off the ground. The other picture is the background during the daylight. I do not know what it is. I do not suspect that any person was there because of the wild animals.

When I Scott C. Waring (author of UFO Sightings of 2006-2009) analyzed the photos sent into MUFON of this sighting, I first noticed that the light was not startling the animals at all. Not only is there one deer but also a raccoon searching for food. Both these animals would freak if a light this size entered their area. This light source has to be that of a ir spectrum (infrared) meaning only one thing, the light source was beyond that which the eye can perceive. Or in other words, its a very hi-tech light source.

Also when the two photos are overlapped, you can clearly see he light source has move, revealing that the light source is focused on the wildlife animals.

Another interesting fact is that in the photos the second one reveals a 35% of a light-like orb, where the first reveals only 20%. The object clearly became more curious at the smaller animals and tried to move close a bit. The UFO orb is not beside any tree trunks, meaning that this is not a hunter hiding in the trees. This object moves at about eight or night feet above the ground. There are no branches or overhanging leaves indicating that there was no perch for a hunter with an ir scope on his rifle.

I have seen similar photos like this before over the years, but only a handful. In one of the cases there was a color camera that caught a orb similar in size to this one, but it was glowing a orange red, but that was not the strangest part, upon the orb could be made out a face. The face had two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

One thing is clear, this object in these photos is not of average technology and oddly has a high curiosity for observing wild life. It stands to reason that if alien species (plural) are watching humans, then you can bet that they are trying to watch all life on Earth to learn. For an alien species would prize one thing more than all else...knowledge.
A similar story is below from past sighting:

No face on this one but still cool sighting.

This is a picture that my Bushnell Trail Sentry trail cam took 10/27/2007 at 8:46pm I don't know why it took the picture and I can't explain it since I can find no animals in the picture so I don't even know what triggered it, the orb? Also the camera was just around 100 ft. into the woods north of our house facing west towards an incline. I did send the photo to the Ghost Hunters website shortly after getting it but got no response on what they may have thought it could be. Just think it's interesting, enjoy. - Ghost picture submitted by Danny Hefner

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Big Game Camera photos Deer having UFO Sighting, see photo, UFO Sighting News.

Big Game Camera photos Deer having UFO Sighting, see photo.

Date of Sighting: August 25, 2010

A motion-activated camera at a Fort Worth family's favorite hunting spot is capturing shots of mysterious objects.

Lisa Brock-Piekarski's game camera is supposed to take pictures of the deer on her Archer City lease. But the pictures show something she can't explain.
"What I see looks almost like a Frisbee," she said. "You see a several lights going around, and they're all symmetrical and lit up, and it just looks like an object in the sky."

Brock-Piekarski's is hesitant to call the string of lights in the sky UFOs, although she can't identify the flying objects.
"We've seen falling stars, all kinds of stuff out there because you're away form the city," she said. "Anytime there's a meteor shower or anything, you can see it a lot better, but I've never seen anything like that."
Brock-Piekarski said the pictures were taken by a single motion-activated game camera. The equipment wasn't moved, and it doesn't have a flash. Instead, it uses infrared. She said she has ruled out light posts or cell phone towers because the area is pretty empty.

"There's nothing back there but trees and sky," she said. "There's no hills, no buildings, nothing back there. It's all flat."
Timestamps on several pictures also show that the object hovered in the air for almost two hours.
Whatever it is, she is now a little hesitant to go out to her deer blind alone.
"It's creepy," Brock-Piekarski said. "I don't know if I want to be sitting out in my deer stand by my self anymore, hunting."
Archer City, which is just south of Wichita Falls, is also close to Sheppard Air Force Base. The installation did not immediately return requests asking if it had planes up the night the pictures were taken.


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