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Black Alien Base On Earths Moon, Found July 13, 2020, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 13, 2020
Location of discovery: Earths moon

I found this black structure and normally would have passed it up, but I instead used software to correct the out of focus screenshot from the moon map. The Black structure is like something out of a move. It has a big opening facing us and two long parts sticking out. There is clearly an amazing building here, but its more...its a ship that can move locations, but I guess they either parked it here to return later, or abandoned it. Either way, finders keepers. Its mine, hands off! Now...I got to make a go fund me page of...say a hundred billion to go get it and bring it back. LOL, joking, not going to happen. 

I appreciate the donations you have sent in and used some of the money to purchase software that allows me to fix pixelization. It will focus the pixeled photos. I really wanted to get this because so many times I pass up on reporting something because too much pixelization from enlarging the photos to see the structures. Because of a few caring people out there, I managed to get a fix for this problem, and I will be able to now deliver much higher quality photos and videos to you. I also have some items coming, will make a video of them and share them, never before seen before too...all because of the donations. 100% is spent towards alien research. 
Thank you, 
Scott C. Waring - Tawian

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