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Harvard Professor Explores Does extraterrestrial intelligence exist? UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: Dec 11, 2021
Location of interview: University of Harvard, USA

Professor Avi Loeb is interviewed about the existence of intelligent alien life in the universe. The answers are enlightening. He says that humanity is trying to comprehend beyond itself to better understand the possibility of intelligent life out there, but its hindered by the fact that most humans can't see beyond themselves, but mostly focus on the self. The big picture is ignored, but he is optimistic that humanity will continue to evolve and science will one day unlock all doors including finding intelligent life in the universe. As a Harvard professor it may be bit difficult to come out and just say, yes, aliens exist, but in his long winded and well explained interview...he did state it already. He doesn't want to jeopardize his position at an ivy league university. So yes, he believes there is life more intelligent than humans, but they are so intelligent and beyond us that we cannot comprehend such creatures even exist. Very exciting really. I totally agree 100%.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


2,000,000 Year Old Figurine Found In Idaho Challenges Evolution Theory, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 1889
Age of discovery: 2,000,000 years old
Location of discovery: Nampa, Idaho, USA
Current Location of discovery: Idaho State Historical Society in Boise, Idaho, USA
News source:

We were all taught...history repeats itself. I believe this is truth with the rise of many civilizations on this planet, many of them were not human. Here is more evidence that backs that up. This carved figure being over 2 million years old. If scientists are right and humans were not evolved enough or even in the Americas at that time, then there is only one solution...its from an ancient alien civilization. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A tiny artifact depicting a human figure was found in 1889, when workers were drilling water well near Nampa, in southwest Idaho. The artifact skillfully formed in clay, is a true mystery that has baffled scientists for many years. “The record of the well shows that… they had penetrated first about fifty feet of soil, then about fifteen feet of basalt, and afterwards passed through alternate beds of clay and quicksand…down to a depth of about three hundred feet when the sand pump began to bring up numerous clay balls, some of them more than two inches in diameter, densely coated with iron oxide,” geologist of Boston Society of Natural History, George Frederick Wright (1838-1921) reported in his book “Origin and Antiquity of Man” (1912). “There is no ground to question the fact that this image came up in the sand pump from the depth reported.” 

When the workers reached a layer of clay over 300 feet down in the well boring, their steam pump suddenly spat out a piece of brownish clay formed into a small figurine. “The object is about an inch and a half long, and remarkable for the perfection with which it represents the human form.” He added, “It was a female figure, and had the lifelike lineaments in the parts which were finished that would do credit to the classic centers of art,” Wright wrote. Professor F.W. Putnam of Harvard University found through microscopic analysis that quartz grains under the doll’s right arm had been cemented by iron molecules. This too indicates a great age of the artifact and is reason to believe it is not of recent manufacture. It was deeply colored with the iron oxides characteristic of the deposits from the 300-foot level (91 meters). The strata at this depth is dated at about 2 million years old. Who formed this mostly unusual figurine if not Homo sapiens? “Other than Homo sapiens sapiens, no hominid is known to have fashioned workds of art like the Nampa figurine,” writes Michael Cremo in his famous book ” The Hidden History of the Human Race“. “The evidence therefore suggests that humans of the modern type were living in America at the Plio-Pleistocene age which dates about 2 million years ago. 

“According to current Darwinian theories of evolution, figurines like the Idaho image are made only by humans of the modern type, who came into existence only about 200,000 years ago,” Cremo writes. The oldest statues of human figures of a degree of artistry similar to that of the Nampa image only go back to the Late Paleolithic period of Europe, about 20,000 or 30,000 years.” “According to the ancient Sanskrit writings of India, however, humans have been present since the beginning of life on earth. There are figures of gods and goddesses in Indian temples that, according to traditional sources, are as old as the Nampa image and older.” Many scientists investigated this extremely controversial figurine and conducted diverse tests shortly after the discovery. They agreed that the figurine is authentic and of very ancient origins. “One expert, Professor Albert A. Wright of Oberlin College, it was not the product of a small child or amateur, but was made by a true artist. Though badly battered by time, the doll’s appearance is still distinct: it has a bulbous head, with barely discernible mouth and eyes; broad shoulders; short, thick arms; and long legs, the right leg broken off. There are also faint geometric markings on the figure, which represent either clothing patterns or jewelry -they are found mostly on the chest around the neck, and on the arms and writs. The doll is the image of a person of a high civilization, artistically attired.” (J.R. Jochmans, Litt.D., 1979) According to Cremo, the Nampa figurine strongly challenges the evolutionary scenario. Indeed, it does. Nampa artifact is on exhibit at the Idaho State Historical Society in Boise.