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Can Someone Do Me A Favor Please? Involving A Moon Book In The Library.

Above photo from Clementine NASA Database, but also in the book I describe.

Hey everyone,
I need a favor. I need someone to photograph the structures in an old moon book. I don't remember the name but the whole book was filled with moon surface photos close up. The book was published in the 1970-80 range. I live outside the US in Taiwan so I cannot do it myself, however no one has ever used the photos of the blurred out buildings to make a Youtube video. This is important and the book might be a Clementine Atlas of the moon or something like that. Above I put two photos that are similar to whats in the book, but in the book there may be 30-50 such structures. The cool thing about the book is that even though most the structures are blurred out, about 1-6% of the structures are not blurred out. So  this is great evidence of alien structures on the moon. Yes there are photo databases on the internet but these have been mostly edited or altered to hide the buildings. The book may be the last original photos of most of these structures. Even if the building is 100% blurred out…that needs to be recorded with its location (what crater is closest or degrees) so we know where it exists.

If you make a video please upload it to Youtube with the words, "UFO Sighting News," in its title so UFO researchers can find it and please leave the URL to find it in the comments of this post. If you posted it at your blog or site with screenshots, please leave the URL here. Thanks for your help and good luck. SCW