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The mysterious peeing tree of Taiwan 🇹🇼, video, breaking world news.


I was at a BNB near the beach in Taiwan and two birds landed on my shoulders and stayed on me for 25 min, until I walked back to the BNB area and looked at the mysterious peeing tree. The birds seemed to like it and finally left landing on the tree. This tree got into Two TV News stations here in Taiwan so even they find it unique. On Taiwan. 

 Scott C. Waring

Beach in Taiwan, Two Birds Landed On Me, July 30, 2022, Taiwan Breaking News


I was at a BNB yesterday and decided to take a walk on the beach looking for fossils and sapphires, when suddenly a bird landed on my shoulder and then another on the other shoulder. I looked up and found two beautiful love birds panting hard from the 100F heat here. I let them ride me while I searched then I decided to carry them back to the BNB area where our neighbor BNB owns the birds, then I visited the mysterious peeing tree which just started this week. There the birds flew onto the tree after riding me 25 min. 

Funny thing, one of the birds kept at my necklace until it had unlatched three latches that locked it, before it fell off. I caught it and hid it in my pocket, but then they went for my watch...they love shiny news things. LOL, very playful and curious animals. I fed them back at the BNB and gave them some cold water. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan