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Ancient Drone Found 40 meters Below Ground, Siberia Feb 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2015
Location of discovery: Siberia, Russia

Look at this cool disk that was discovered this week in Siberia. Without an analysis of its material, we are left wanting. This object does resemble an alien drone, a small disk that is sent out to monitor an area, but lighting can bring one down. I have never seen one this old before. Also it could be a dropa disk. An ancient stone disk with alien information about their culture and life stored in the disk. Such dropa disks were confiscated by the Chinese Government and hidden from view. This disk needs to be tested, not just for what its made from, but for any data that could be stored in it. SCW

News states:
Do these intriguing images show a UFO that fell to Planet Earth from outer space thousands of years ago, embedding itself deep in the ground? The bizarre flying saucer-shaped object was dug up during excavation work by a coal mining company in Siberia's Kuznetsk Basin, Russia. Archaeologists, were called in to examine the 'craft', which the excavators believe is a man-made object, describing it as a "mystery". However, sky-watchers are convinced itThe unusual object is almost perfectly circular, with a diameter of around 1.2 meters and weighing roughly 440lbs - that's 31 stone. Excavator Boris Glazkov, 40, who found the object, said: "I have to say it wasn't hard to see as it was really distinctive and large. "I've never seen anything like this object, which is obviously man-made out, here in the middle of nowhere before. It is a real mystery." (more at source).


Coffin On Mars In Rover Photo, NASA Source Dec 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

I found this coffin last week, but was so over  burdened with 12-13 hour days that I never got to it. Glad to see there are others who caught it for us. This stone object looks like a coffin. Coffins are made to stand the test of time, but this one is made from a stone like substance. What would it take to get NASA to turn the rover around and examine the contents of this box? It looks to be about one meter across and a foot and a half wide and high. Lots of alien species are short, including a species of greys. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
My buddy Kjell send this over to me and said "Sure would love to know whats buried in that coffin." This little box sure does look like a modern coffin concrete liner. As well as the stonework on the back part of the hill that looks like stairs or some left over stonework from some old civilizations constructions. I am sure it has been found by plenty of anomaly hunters by now!