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Dr. Eric Davis Says NASA Was Influenced By Alien Tech, "Secretly yes and overtly no."

Dr. Eric W. Davis, formerly a contract research physicist at NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Project  which ran from 1996 through to 2002, gave a lecture in 2010 where he responded to the question of UFOs as they pertain to potential physics for traversable wormholes, warp drives, and anti-gravity. Sponsored by the Society For Scientific Exploration, the lecture was about a then recently published book, Frontiers of Propulsion Science, regarding discoveries from the NASA project. 

After the lecture, during a question and answer session, one questioner asked whether, " of UFOs had guided the thinking and research of that initiative." In responding to the question, Dr. Davis said, "Secretly yes and overtly no." (Jump to 38 min into video to see comment.)

In giving a reason for the secrecy, he stated that, "UFOs don't have credibility with mainstream academic researchers," and that, "... policy makers and decision-makers in charge of funding and programatics ... don't want to hear the topic of UFOs. So, for the purpose of doing this officially, [we didn't bring in UFOs], but we did consider it under the table."

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Anti-Gravity Propulsion Box In Top Secret Dutch Laboratory, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: unknown
Location of laboratory: possibly Dutch

A type of gravity controlled tech that produces action without reaction. This destroys Newtons third law of motion...obliterating it. There are five short videos and yes they are real. This looks like 100% proof that the government has anti-gravity tech in their hands...but won't allow the public to know due to its military applications, meaning it has to be kept secret. Not exactly the transparency Obama promised is it? With the voice telling us what is happening in the video it is clear that this video was made as a demonstration to scientists outside the country and somehow leaked to the public sector. SCW

Video states: 
An anonymous individual referring to himself only as "S.F." has posted a series of videos detailing experiments performed on a gravity defying black box along with propulsion characteristics. He claims that it violates Newton's laws producing action without reaction!

Internet videos of devices claimed to break the laws of physics are pretty common these days. However, once in a while one comes along that makes you look twice. An anonymous individual identifying himself only with the initials "S.F." has posted a series of enigmatic videos of a very curious black box. During the video, tests are performed on this black box and a voice over describes the technology. 

Watching the videos you will see a remotely controlled black box move across low friction surfaces such as water, spheres resembling ping-pong balls, and what appears to be glass marbles. In each situation there is no apparent "reaction" from the movement of the black box. For example, when it is placed on a transparent platform (free to move in any direction) the black box will not push the platform backwards as it moves forward. Instead, it will pull the platform along with it.  In another video you will see the box (which is claimed to weigh one pound) push against a concrete block. The result is the concrete block moves a substantial distance without any apparent reaction force. 

During the video, the device is described as representing a gravity control technology that produces action without reaction. Gravity is actually claimed to be produced by the box via the use of solid state components. This reaction-less propulsion mechanism is claimed to be more efficient than any current technology used today and can be used to produce motion in any direction, potentially including up or down. S.F. claims that this technology can allow for travel through any medium including water, gas, and the vacuum of space.

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