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Extraterrestrial Red Cells Rain Down On India Says Scientists.

The mysterious color of water falling on the morning of June 28, 2012, is due tomicroscopic particles of biological cells-looking, likely of alien origin.
Cell biological nature of Alien
"Red Rain" it is said to represent, metaphorically what can not happen. Well, maybe we should revise our stereotypes, as in India showers colors including the most unlikely-ruby-are becoming a bit 'too frequent. The latter was recorded by the local news in the city of Kanur in the state of Kerala. On the morning of June 28, according to reports, residents have witnessed quite disturbed to a burst of red rain. And it was not the first time. A previous, similar phenomenon had occurred in the area in July of 2001, just hours after the alleged explosion in the sky, a meteor. Later, have been reported over 120 cases of unusual rainstorms to say the least, with drops of yellow, green, even black …
According to the two scientists, those micro-believe that alien life-forms have unique features: not only are able to metabolize organic and inorganic material (including silicon), but they seem to grow better in extreme temperatures of 300 ° C. Their existence proves that life on Earth was created just like that, with similar single-celled organisms coming from somewhere aboard comets, asteroids and rocky debris. In other words, prove the validity of the so-called "Theory of Panspermia." 

This interpretation of extraterrestrial reality is not shared by the rest of the scientific community and the publications of the two researchers have found many critics, especially since the alleged living cells are devoid of DNA. But is this phenomenon-the-red rain that years later he repeated, and for which simple explanations such as air pollution are not enough and in fact were immediately excluded.

Professor Louis in the meantime has not changed his mind. Continues to believe that these anomalous rainfall is caused by microorganisms that can survive in outer space because it contained in the inner core of the racers-nuclei in which there are hot water and all the chemicals needed to keep them alive. "The comets can break closer to the Sun-wrote the recently-I fragments, then, from time to time, enter land and fall in the attraction of our planet."
The rain would be red due to the percentage of alien organic material that ends up in the clouds. "They should be in the order of 100 million cells per liter of rainwater," he says, "but if the concentration increases, then the rain is much darker, like black coffee." On the yellow rain, but still has a doubt. "We have not yet figured out what kind of material is determined-says-but in this case we found that the particles have autofluorescence: likely to be a byproduct of red organisms."