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UFO over Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas on Thursday, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: April 27, 2023
Location of sighting: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

This object was flying much to slow to be a meteor. It's actually about 10X slower, so yeah, much. The object was recorded passing over Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas on Thursday and was actually recorded from 37 different eyewitnesses across the US on Thursday. This was a UfO. UFOs that are large will have to find a way to disguise themselves so everyone on the ground who sees them will shrug away thoughts of it being nothing important. So the UFO will create a long tail, no fire, just a gaseous tail and powerful white glow, but it moves as slow as a passenger jet. So yeah, didn't fool me at all there. Watch the video below and judge for yourself. Aliens are intelligent and pride themselves on being smarter than humans. Nah...not today aliens. Not smarter today. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Burning orbs Over Lakeland, Florida, April 1, 2023, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: April 1, 2023
Location of sighting: Lakeland, Florida, USA
Source: MUFON

UFOs are often a frightening subject for many people, because the movies, TV shows usually show aliens as attacking Earth and exterminating humanity. However that view is not a true image of intelligent alien life. Here we see two glowing orbs playfully moving around, showing that they are not dangerous, not to be feared, just wanting to be seen. Yes, UFOs do perform for eyewitnesses sometimes. Especially if the UFO senses through telepathy that the human or humans watching are curious about them. Then, they may movie unusually in loops, circles above the eyewitnesses, and even stop and change locations all while monitoring the thoughts of the eyewitnesses through telepathy, recording it. Such info is useful data to aliens for the future if they want to reveal themselves to huge populations all at once. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: I like all I can see is that it was doing loop the loop in the sky right in front of me. And look up and see this fire thing going down going left going around in a circle and coming down that shooting up. It was just too weird. This is one of two videos that I will be submitting. Second video the objects were stationary then one of them shot straight up then left it was incredible to see.


UFO Recorded Over Kingman, Arizona, March 28, 2023, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: March 28, 2023 1PM
Location of sighting: Kingman, Arizona, USA
Source: MUFON

Like many UFOs, the digital eye often catches sight of what the human eye misses, such is the case here. UFOs sometimes move so fast that we just don't notice them or we think its our eyes playing tricks on us. But the digital camera sees all. Kingman is home to a very famous sighting back in May of 1953 when eight UFOs disks were seen in the sky dogfighting and three were reported falling to the ground. A US Army retrieval team from Indian Springs (now Creech AFB) took the crashed. Indian Springs is also the location closest to Area 51, Area S4 and closest to the location of the Tall Whites alien base which the USAF gave to them in exchange for technology, all the land back there is off limits to the public.  
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: I did not see it when I took the picture, only later did I see something in the picture that looked like a UFO.


Lights Over Montreal, Quebec Building, Canada 3-2-2023, UFO Sighting News


Date of sighting: March 2, 2023
Location of sighting: Montreal, quebec, Canada
Source: MUFON

Now this one is very intriguing to me. The craft is almost like Phoenix lights just not as long and shorter time span. What I thought was a plane at first, clearly was something much, much bigger. For this to be a plane, it would have to be 3-4 side by side maneuvering perfectly synchronized together. It's not, it's a UFO. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: I felt my room vibrate and this low vibration in my stomach before looking outside and seeing this absolutely massive object passing by my window. I scrambled to grab my phone and record it within the next 12 minutes I saw another massive object, this time it wasn't boomerang shaped, but instead a straight diagonal line going the same direction with the same vibrations and low humming and rumbling sound. Afterwards I saw a star like object moving and got a good recording of it moving.


A really tall tower in the center of a crater on Earths moon, UFO Sighting News.



Giant Triangle UFO Below Surface Of Sun, Dec 29, 2022, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Dec 29, 2022
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

Guys this is huge, a triangle object was sticking out of our sun, visible below the surface for a few minutes today. The object was big, about 25X the diameter of Earth. Yes thats big, too big for humans to make right now, but after a billion years of technological evolution our species will have such abilities too. The sun is a huge power station and aliens have learned how to harness and use its power. Imagine charging up that ship for free! They did it, so it can be done. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


UFO Fleet Falls Over Boise, Idaho Dec 15, 2022, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Dec 15, 2022 2:10 PM
Location of sighting: Boise, Idaho, USA

Watch this amazing catch of five massive smoke trails falling from the sky. It looks like some SpaceX debris, but I don't think such a thing would happen, unless it was over the ocean, since Elon Musk is a stickler about important details. These UFOs are clear and obviously trying to get noticed, meaning, disclosure is nearing. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Eyewitness states: The five craft were flying in formation over Boise, Idaho on December 15, 2022 at 14:10 hours. The five craft were surrounded by vapor and left visible vapor trails. There is a possibility that the UFOs are airplanes since there are three nearby airports, Boise Airport, Air National Guard, and Mountain Home Air Force Base.


Crew chosen For SpaceX's first private Starship mission to the moon, UFO Sighting News.


Crew chosen For SpaceX's first private Starship mission to the moon, 10 total crew members, including two backup crew, will join him on the roughly week-long flight that was originally scheduled to launch in 2023. That timeline will likely push to 2024. 

Guys this is cool. A Japanese billionaire has funded the entire civilian program. This is mind-bogglings stuff. I mean most NASA missions have hard core military, CIA, NSA. I can see by the faces of these individuals picked by SpaceX that they are none of the above, they are us, the people. I can't wait to hear and see what they encounter on the mission. Photos and video is going to be raw and unedited. Don't think for a second this doesn't share the shit out of NASA. The truth coming out, and making NASA look like a fool for lying, always does make the lier look the fool. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Moon Size Alien Ship Recorded Entering Our Sun On Aug 23, 2020, Raw Footage! UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 23, 2020
Location of sighting: Sun

This UFO was recorded by Terry's Theories of Youtube. He said he used a sun filter on his Nikon P1000 and has been catching strange objects shooting in and out of our sun. In this video you can see a large rigid object heading into our sun. But when I took a screenshot and added focus, I see a spaceship. There is no doubt about it. Its an alien craft flying into our sun. For us to see it and for it to be that big...we are talking moon size or more. Yes its possible, when you are an alien who lives forever...time means little to you. You can accomplish so much more when you have endless time. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Possible Massive UFO Leaves Sun In Latest NASA Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 23, 2020
Location of sighting: Sun

There appears to be a large disk shaped craft leaving from within our sun. The object is huge and as it moves out its form is clearly a huge round object, but as it moves away, the object fades and vanishes as if it soon cloaked the ship to go undetected. Interesting video and very difficult to tell for sure for or against it due to the poor video quality that NASA puts out. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Alien Fleet Recorded Near Earths Sun, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Dec 11, 1999
Location of sighting: Earths sun

Here is a great video taken from the NASA satellite recording our sun. It happened back in 1999, but the evidence is still on the Helioviewer site today. Found by Youtuber Wireeye, these object are obviously not solar material from the sun, but instead seem to be heading towards our sun. Its an entire UFO fleet. Some of the ships are incredibly huge and unusual in shape...three like a butterfly or winged creatures. 

Its refreshing to see something I have not seen are a few ships together that demonstrate that alien fleets do exist in our solar system, flying together for safety. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Moon Size UFO Shoots Our Of Sun On Oct 22, 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 22, 2019
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

A massive triangular UFO moved past our sun last week. The object was caught on serval SOHO helioviewer cameras and has a definite shape to it that appears to be intelligently designed. On the blue filter camera (AIA 225) its easy to see the outline of the craft. If we use the comparison chart of the earth, we see the size of this UFO is equal to our moon. That this alien ship seems to have exited our sun and passed by our planet...all without NASA ever saying a single world to the public about it. Also the object is shooting out of the sun at an odd angle. If an object was spit out by the sun, it would usually shoot straight out due to gravitational pull of the sun and its rotation. However this UFO shoots out the outer edge of the sun and exits at an impossible angle. This is absolute proof that alien species are using our sun for their own purposes. That our not ours after all, but theirs. This sighting strengthens my hollow sun theory. That the center of our sun holds a compact mini solar system within it...created and placed there by the alien species who currently live on those mini planets. This UFO...comes from one of those planets within our sun. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


Giant Donut UFOs Seen Near Sun Helioviewer Archives! UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 2006, but reported today
Location of sighting: Earths sun
Source: Helioviewer

A youtube user going by the name of Terrys Theories found some interesting donut UFOs near our sun. It looks like a fleet of three UFOs and they are huge. You can clearly make out the donut shape with the whole in the middle. This is a common UFO seen near our sun and still has never received an explanation from NASA. 
Scott C. Waring


Planet Size UFO Near Our Sun ON SOHO NASA Site, July 13, 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Source download:
Camera: COR2-A (2019-07-12 05:54:00 - 2019-07-13 23:54:00 UTC)

I found this planet sized UFO near our sun today. The UFO is seen holding its position, even though a solar explosion wave hits it. Only the back edge of the round UFO is visible, but it stands out too much for it to be anything else. Such UFOs have been reported a few times over the last few years. The SOHO site is really helping with this since its so easy to use. With evidence like this, it should not be too many years before we get the US gov to admit that aliens exist. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


Solar Explosion From 2013 Was Big Enough To Wipe Out Earth, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Source photo:
Source solar wind mars:

Here is a fun photo fact. I found this photo of our sun creating a solar burst that is big enough to wipe out all life on earth, stripping earth of its atmosphere, water and it at the same time. You didn't need to know about that? Probably not, sometimes ignorance is bliss. In 2015 NASA made a statement that just such an occurnace happened to Mars and was responsible for its devastation, wiping out the Mars atmosphere and oceans. So...Mars is farther from the sun than Earth and still Mars was destroyed by the this is proof that this can happen to Earth too, which is much closer to the sun than Mars. 

In the photo above you see an image of the earth near the solar explosion. This is just for size comparison. The explosion was big enough to destroy every planet in the solar system had they been hit. Its like tying a shotgun on a spinning top and seeing what happens. 

The photo is dated May 3, 2013 and yet NASA tried hard to to publicize this information in order to keep the public from panicking. Eventually the solar explosion will head towards earth, but would NASA even tell the public it if knew of such a cataclysmic event? Probably not, it would only create more panic and fear. 

Scott C. Waring


Earth Size Cube UFO Returns To Sun In SOHO @NASA Photos! Oct 31, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 31, 2018
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Source: NASA SOHO images

I found the same cube UFO near our sun last night. The UFO is very similar in shape and has a yellowish plume as if its been using the suns material as a propulsion of some sort. The UFO is the same cube shape and about the size of Earth itself. It strange that NASA has not made some kind of announcement about this UFO since every sun camera in the world of astronomy probably caught it. However, SOHO may be one of the few countries with cameras recording the sun, since special filters are needed or the camera would be destroyed instantly. 

Scott C. Waring


Hollow Sun Theory, How Aliens Have Been Using The Interior Of Our Sun, Oct 2018, UFO Sighting News.

The Hollow Sun Theory. This is a theory that I created back in 2009 when I noticed UFOs going in and out of Earths sun in SOHO/NASA sun photos. The theory is also based upon a world famous alien encounter that lasted three decades in Rocca Pia, Italy, which gave me the idea of how aliens can and do use the interior of suns. The theory states that aliens send a large craft into the suns center. This device does not need to be huge, however the energy it uses is unknown, but can last forever. This device uses beams of focused power that shoot out in all directions at once...pushing. Imagine a tractor beam reversed. This actually is done fast with land and dirt for making underground bases so large that they have their own weather systems. Well aliens use this device for any place they want to create a city. Underwater, underground, under the surface of a burning star. When aliens decide to leave forever, all they have to do is push a button and the entire hollow area will close back in. Its that easy...for them and their tech...which is millions and sometimes billions of years ahead of our own. I learned all this was 100% possible from evidence I gathered researching the Rocca Pia, Italy Friendship case. You see, the aliens told witnesses that the base below Rocca Pia was 300x300km long and 150km high. So huge it sometimes rained inside. So creating a base or closing it up was a simple task for them. Just something to think about next time a UFO is reported near our sun in NASA/SOHO photos or when dark spots (exits) are reported in the news. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


Moon size UFO recorded by NASA near Earths sun, July 31, 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 31, 2018
Location of sighting: Earths sun, SOHO images

Here is a moon size UFO near our sun this week. The UFO has several long arms, which makes me think this is a space station that wanders our solar system. Currently its near our sun because its trying to use some rare particles that the sun produces to power its craft and devices. Found in the SOHO NASA images, this UFO is just one of many per day that visit our sun. Some UFOs are many times bigger than this, yet go unreported, would the public react if they knew that not only were we not alone in our solar system, but UFOs bigger than earth itself commonly passed by our planet? The public would panic, suicide rates would skyrocket, alien religions like Scientology would become powerhouses in the religious sectors, anti alien groups would form and arm themselves. And what effect would this have on financial and judicial systems of the world? There would be chaos! Therefore the governments of the world remain silent. 
Scott C. Waring


Awesome UFOs Disguised As Clouds Pass Undetected By Human Eyes, Feb 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Here is a great video of some recent sightings found on a weather phenomenon site this week by MrMBB333 of Youtube. He discusses how some of the things on the site do not resemble things found in nature, but instead have qualities that seem more like alien craft. This is the easiest way to hide from human eyes...mimic something that normally is harmless and in nature. 
Scott C. Waring

Many UFOs Bigger Than Our Moon Skimming Surface Of Sun, Feb 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

At any given time there are hundreds of UFOs in orbit around our sun, but the orbit is so low that they often skim the surface of the sun. It is widely believed that these UFO are searching out rare and valuable particles of energy that humanity still has yet to discover. The UFOs don't just move to the new locations to collect the energy, they leap at light speed. Check out some of the UFOs in this video that TheWatcher252 of Youtube caught this week. 
Scott C. Waring