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Alien White Structures On Google Moon, Similar To Ceres White Material Structure, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 2014 , but revisiting today.
Coordinates of discovery: 3°53'18.47"S 17°34'20.73"W 
Method used: Google Moon map 

These are some real baffling structures. They were found back in 2014. The detail on some of these structures is amazing, but if we trust Google ruler they are only about 130 meters long.... Just copy and past the coordinates above into the google search box, and remember Google map is free to download. 

The structures seem to have been built one rib at a time and then later linked together to make a series of ribs that make a single structure. Most the ribs are attached to one another through one or two long tunnels which pass through all the ribs of the structure from one end to the other. Each one is different, but can you find the differences? Look carefully at the details and you will be in awe at what you see. 

Scott C. Waring