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White Cloud Orbs Seen Over Yorkshire, England On Aug 29, 2012 Photo.

Date of sighting: August 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Eyewitness states: 

Time: 1918hr
Witness Name: Iain Newby
Witness Statement: Whilst looking for the sound source of a aircraft (a large twin prop seen flying west south of ilkley moor) i noticed a very small distant object high above me moving steadily northwest, id say at least 10miles high and moving at a similar or slightly faster rate as what a satellite would move, in a mostly straight line, without sound or trail. the object was just discernable as two small bright white lights. i managed to capture the image using a 750mm equivalent lens on 16mp camera so definition should be quite good. i watched the object move away for about 2 mins , i tried to video it but my lens autofocus system didn`t want to lock on so waste of time, it was so far away by this time that even if in focus very little would of been observed.