April 8, 2013

'Sirius,' Steven Greer's Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny 'Alien' Humanoid Discovered In Chile; April 2013.

An upcoming documentary promises to show an alleged, tiny "alien" being that was found a few years ago in Chile's Atacama Desert. And when we say tiny, we're talking six inches from head to ET toe.
Don't be fooled by the apparent size of the creature in the picture above, as the following image shows its true 6-inch stature.
The film, called "Sirius," will also depict how readily available forms of alternative energy technology are what extraterrestrials may be using to travel here from the cosmically improbable distances between their home world and ours.

If this is all true, and that's a very big IF, it will certainly answer the ages-old question of whether or not humans are alone in the universe.
The force behind "Sirius" is Steven Greer, a former emergency medical physician. He's actively pursued avenues to get the U.S. government to reveal information about alien reality -- information that the powers-that-be have always maintained doesn't exist.
"Sirius" includes graphic footage of the supposedly humanoid entity of "unknown classification" by DNA sequencing.
A side view X-ray of the miniscule creature was also released to reveal its internal structure.
The film is Greer's latest effort to shine a light on the supposed cover-up about visitors from other planets.
In 1993, Greer created The Disclosure Project with the goal of getting the government to fess up its alleged UFO and ET knowledge as well as information about advanced energy and propulsion methods.
"What people need to understand is the secrecy around UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence really has nothing to do with ETs. It has to do with humans and the power that is resting in large corporations and financial interests that do not want you to know the truth," Greer said in a video statement.
More details on the "baby" alien will be forthcoming when "Sirius" has its Hollywood premiere on April 22, followed by a limited theatrical release and simultaneous video on demand launch.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/07/tiny-alien-humanoid-among_n_3017854.html


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    1. OMG! What the heck are those little things? They look a lot like us but are about 8" tall and two of them. Great work Theerawat on find this and thank you for sharing it with us.

      I have always believed that since the "Woman Figure" (and male figure near it) were discovered on Mars and those figure were only about 3-6" tall said NASA, then since the woman had on a green toga or robe, it explains why Leprechauns in Ireland wear green. Because they are aliens, maybe from Mars. And the stories about them have stood the test of time because they have a grain of truth in them.