October 8, 2013

Glowing UFO Drops Off Green Glowing Alien, Then Comes Back For it, Oct 2013, Michigan Cam, UFO Sighting News.

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Date of sighting: October 2, 2013
Location of sighting: Southeast, Michigan, USA

Updated Oct 10, 2013: Original Video was deleted by owner because of complaints about music copyright, this is the same video, but on music he stated. 

While watching this recent UFO video, I noticed several things that no one seems to talk about in the comments section. 1st, there is a disk moving in orbit around the glowing light (:30 into video). 2nd there is an alien like green glowing entity that appears at the :55 sec mark.

The 1st object (disk) actually shows up from the ground. In other words, the glowing UFO comes down from the sky and the disk (:45sec) moves up towards the light. To see this you must increase video to "full screen" mode and 480p resolution.

The 2nd object was an alien green entity that appears at the :55 sec mark. Apparently very tall, looking to be 4-5 meters or more. It looks around and then cloaks itself. At one point when it looks to the left of the screen, we can make out its facial features, eye, nose and bumpy back of head, neck, shoulders hand, chest and legs.

Overall the video is looks real because of these factors; its 7:16 min long, the eyewitness gives a much longer description than I posted here so check it out, eyewitness thinks the green is from a laser and has no idea its an alien, eyewitness doesn't notice the disk rise to UFO orbiting it.

This alien has been recorded before in England. I reported that a green glowing entity (smaller than this one) was photographed walking around a yard. Click hear to view that UK alien post.


Eyewitness states:

I captured this footage on my home security camera on the night of Oct 2, 2013 around 11pm in the evening in my front yard in Southeast MI, and I'm about 8 miles north of an air national guard base. Sorry, I can't provide any more location than this. I don't want my neighbors to get upset from unwanted UFO hunter traffic.

The UFO appears to be scanning the ground with a green laser (the laser beam can be seen on the trees too). The laser beam clearly starts small from the object & fans out into a larger cone as it gets closer to the ground. In my opinion, impossible for someone to be on the ground creating an inverted cone back to the object, & then to be able to track & follow the object's every move at the same time.

Below photo shows alien coming back to UFO (4:45 mark).

I'm also planning on repositioning one of my security cameras that is currently pointing north in the upward direction in the hopes to gather more footage if the object decides to come back. This north direction would be pointing toward my pond in my backyard. It would be interesting to capture one gathering up water (for what purpose? I'm not sure), but I've heard reports of them using our water.

I'm hoping this thing comes back for another visit soon because it seems friendly too me. Maybe, It'll drop off a superhero flying suit next time!