August 21, 2014

Golden UFO Over Sacramento, California Two Days In A Row! Aug 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2014
Location of sighting: Sacramento, California, USA
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This golden UFO was seen this week not once, but twice by the same person. She is afraid to call it a UFO, out of fear of what people will think of her. So I will do it for her. It is a UFO. As I have said a many times...if you want to see a UFO, then look during sunset and your chances are the highest. The fact that she photographed it twice is proof that its a UFO and not a weather phenomenon. 

Let me explain. As light hits a cloaked object, it must bend around the UFO at 180 degrees, but during sunset the cloak will not function properly, because no the sun is at a 90 degree angle and the light is being directed 270 degrees, but it is designed to bend light only 180. Therefore UFOs are most vulnerable during sunset. SCW


Terry the Censor said...

A spaceship made entirely of sunlight. That's advanced technology for sure.

Wakonda said...


I've found, by accident, a similar case on MUFON website. In fact, a golden UFO has been photographed over the city of Gig Harbor (in the State of Washington) on August 11, 2014 (here the link:

Best regards

Anonymous said...

so im not the only one who has seen and caught strange flying objects on camera/video in sacramento problem is when it stares you in the face people dont want to believe it

Scott Waring said...

In the big city...people often forget to stop and look around, and looking up, well, most people need a reason to do that.

Mark Sharp said...

Light flash and sonic boom 2:30am last night in Central City Sacramento. Heard lots of car alarms go off at once and then all stopped at once. Someone said they saw a ufo but I was asleep and was wakened by the boom and alarms. 8-26-14

Scott Waring said...

I don't know if its light beings. I heard they don't like to bother themselves with humans...too primitive. Sure would like to get some close up of this craft moving.

Anonymous said...

Maybe better pictures were caught by google. Zoom in and turn sideways to see what looks like an alien face. I see four objects in this:,-121.4419615,3a,90y,285.98h,118.5t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s_Lyovsqz69FePANp8fnuaw!2e0

Unknown said...

I was meditating at the Kuan Yin temple (Kim Ghang Temple) on Alta Arden and Morse for about an hour last night (8-9p). I saw lots of planes and things that we normally see during that time, but this was much higher up and faster than anything I've ever seen in my life, I'm 49. It wasn't gold, but the shape is the same as the second picture. Since my time camping on Mt. Shasta this Summer, I know we have many visitors from other places in our galaxy and beyond. I've heard we will start seeing "crop circles" in the sky and Earth's consciousness will raise enough that we will become apart of the Galactic Federation(?) sometime between 2020 and 2050. Nothing to be afraid of, it's all very exciting. Thanks for letting me post this.

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