December 5, 2014

Alien Coin Found On Mars Has Two Different Heads, Dec 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA source photo 1:
NASA source photo 2:
NASA source photo 3:
Chance of being a real coin: 90%
Now this is interesting. Paranormal Crucible of Youtube has reported finding some coin like objects on Mars. I have to admit, one of these photos is very convincing. It may be a coin, medallion or broach. The object does have a face on it, however it is not a single's a double face. There are two faces of two species on the front. One species looks semi human on the right side. The left face looks nothing like a human, but I have seen it before. The most significant discovery here is the fact that these two species put their historical figures on this coin together as a symbol of their bond of friendship. SCW

Paranormal Crucible of Youtube states:
Yet another extraordinary archeological discovery, has been caught by the mars spirit rover. The incredible image's, appear to show three possible coins or medallions, which were unearthed by the rovers Rock Abrasion Tool, while excavating a pit on the Martian surface. The discovery of these coins, proves beyond question, that mars did indeed have an advanced civilisation, dating back thousands of years, long before earth's history was born.

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  2. I've seen this coin before, in another photo taken last year. I am now convinced that an ancient advanced culture was formed on Mars thousands of years ago, and that this shows a real souvenir coin from those ancient times.

  3. Check out:


    from Microscopic set 1431 - the set right before the images you posted. These images are much clearer and show more depthy.. You can clearly make out the two faces with no shadowing or depth added. It's as clear as day. A human female with a strong almost aggressive looking alien male figure behind her. Wow!

  4. I believe that the coin represents a plieadesian person and a reptilian -the bond between these 2 cultures is obvious.

  5. I think its a locket, because nothing bonds two species together like a little love from the heart, or hearts?

    1. Great explanation. I'll give this a 93% chance of being a real locket.

  6. Archeological artifacts such as these brings to mind that perhaps this is the reason NASA has recently gone "Mars or Bust!".

    Too bad that NASA is probably going to hide their findings from us, again! I'd love to see those coins in person!

    If it ever comes out that there are ruins on Mars, I can see tourist's attractions forming there in the distant future. I'd certainly like to go do that!

  7. Could be just the way a rock has split naturally over time giving it the look of a coin. Despite my fondness for this site I have to agree with comments elsewhere on the site with regards the fascination of of facial shapes (although I shall be more polite!). The human eye plays tricks on the mind and we look for familiar features, it doesn't mean what we see are true though. The day Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes was released I saw a cloud formation that looked like Caesar holding a rifle aloft for a minute over the Severn Bridge, UK. There's the photos of the 'Devil' in the smoke from the Towers on 9/11. Anyone can connect features to fit a shape that is familiar and to suit a theory. We need more excellent footage from Streetcap1, not Photoshop overlays on natural formations - although some photos on this site from Mars are undeniably of significant archaeological interest! Photoshop can be used by anybody these days, just ask the desperate attention-seeking Kardashians....

  8. Thanks for the update, and appreciate your dedicated efforts for raising our awareness, and warning us of the dangers.

    It seems the civilisations elsewhere are either highly advanced OR totally devoid of any intelligent inhabitants. I can only comment further, if you ever find any signs of credit card or mobile SIM there.

    Namastey from Kashmir (India).

  9. If there is no alien civilizations why are astronauts sworn to secrecy.

  10. Note...two of the URLs have been changed by NASA. The original photo of the coin is now gone. Only the last 3rd URL partly shows the true coin.