September 7, 2015

White Orbs Over Winchester, California On Aug 30, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 30, 2015
Location of sighting: Winchester, California, USA

Cloud orbs are everywhere in the world and he managed to catch one. Its easier said than done. I've spent weeks trying to catch a single orb, before I got a success. This is a fantastic example of some cloud orbs and how they dart from cloud to cloud to stay hidden. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
My roommate called me outside to see something strange. He said he was watching them and one randomly changed directions and left at a incredible speed leaving a trail that dissipated quickly. They looked like moving stars. We saw a plane go by so we could see the difference. They where moving south. When they would go behind the clouds you could see light reflecting on the clouds and it was bright outside. Eventually one by one they disappeared. Some we lost sight in the clouds and some ascended so high our eyes couldn't see them. Very strange experience, definitely made me question and feel scared.



Hi ! I'm From India, Punjab, Mohali. Yesterday At Night Arround 8:35 P.M. I Saw Same Disc In Sky. It Was White Color No Sound & No Lighting. That Time I Was On Call With My Friend. I Was Amazed To See This. And It Seems This Is A Real Video As Everything Which I Saw Yesterday Is Same As Shown In Video.

Scott Waring said...

Thank you for sharing that sighting. You are a lucky man to see that. I wish you got some photos of it. If you see it again, record video, post it to youtube and tell us the link. It may come again.

JUZ STAINA. said...

Robert Bingham has destroyed MOSTLY any sightings for me in California. As I'm not American I just read any headline that has California or L.A in it and automatically dismiss it before looking, because I think it's just another hoax from that idiot Robert Bingham, he truly has screwed with my hobby.

Scott Waring said...

Yeah, I lost faith in him too, but this is not him. Hey Juz...why don't you search for some alien structures? You might be good at it. If its good, I'll post it. Lots of unexplored photos and maps out there.

JUZ STAINA. said...

I'm up for it :) for sure. To be honest I thought you might of posted a couple things I've already sent, like that huge floating boulder, or the ufo shooting out of the wormhole I took, but I love this stuff to much just like you do. I'll join the hunt with ya :)

JUZ STAINA. said...

The Chinese just released clear photos of buildings on the moon cos they're sick of NASA also, I was going to start searching about the Chinese space programs photos, it's funny considering how much they censor they're internet but a lot of people don't trust NASA (for good reason) Japan also are saying they'll disclose so I'm starting with these two countries

Anonymous said...

Nice loogey there, my friend. xD

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